Dell's 5% VSS

I'm worried for Dell. Right now 5% of its 5,000 workforce in Penang and Cyberjaya is being offered VSS. Insiders say this VSS is mostly impacting Dell's frontline staff such as its sales people. Six months ago, I also heard another story during a power luncheon.- that Dell Malaysia had begun to outsource a major part of its manufacturing operations and unneccesary staff would be made redundant. Also heard from various sources regarding other retrenchements, which prompted me to do a post here.

When a company outsources his operations, normally the VSS will be 100% not 5%- so are there is more retrenchment to come? I just hope that the 5% is not the tip of an ice-berg.


  1. the trouble is that a lot of these companies are not listed on the Bursa saham and such information is disclosed on voluntarily basis.

    Some of the biggest investors in Malaysia are not listed on the local bourse, how come?

    Computer related industries, like tourism and construction, are volatile in nature. I hope that once the global economy recovers (who knows when) then the recovery can be swift. I have no idea how the economy can recover as the trouble started from uncontrolled credit spending by the Yanks and I cannot fathom how bad debts can be turned good while generating real and prudent spending that can stimulate our economy again.

  2. Not only Dell like Lenovo also retrenching staff.

  3. Dear YB,

    Did you visit Wangsa Maju police station recently or go around Desa Setapak area especially Jalan 39/27B, Jalan 18/27B and LRT station area?

    Please check and ask recently how many robbery cases happened here.

    Today, my nephew together with his classmate while coming back from Sec 1 school, in front of the gate, two Malay guy still wearing school uniform robbing them money and pendrive. Threatening to come back tomorrow for fresh robbery. This has been reported today 4pm at Wangsa Maju police station, case no: WMAJU/0003635/09.

    My friend told me , almost everyday, robbery happened at Jalan 39/27B. So far, what action has been taken. I don't know, what is the use of CCTV!!!

    Please pay more attention to this area and also do follow up together the cases that happened here.

    It was to my surprise, Wangsa Maju police station was nominated the No 1, model police station in 2006 , in whole Malaysia.

    Hope, YB as Wangsa Maju representative do help to push. Without YB's pushing, tough to see result.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  4. The YB's blog is here.

    Anyway I understand your concerns on crime in Wangsa Maju. We all do. Have forwarded your comment to the MP's e mail.

  5. Dear Anom,

    sorry to hear this. I was robbed in Melati last year.

    maybe you should forward a copy of the report also to the school authority. if the HM is worth his or her salt, he or she may have gotten some guards to over look the area.

    but I am not optimistic

  6. What I know of CCTVs from contacts in the investigative surveillance industry - the cameras are as good as the personnel monitoring them. If there is no one looking at the cams 24/7 then CCTVs offer just a false sense of security. CCTVs are good for prevention and deterrence, but not as effective after the crime has happened whereby the window of chance to trace the suspect becomes very much smaller.