RM3.2b 'injection' this week

The Sun

PETALING JAYA (March 22, 2009) : Projects valued at RM3.202 billion under the Mini Budget will be awarded this week, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.
The awarding of projects comes just 14 days after the Mini Budget was tabled in Parliament by Najib who is also Finance Minister.
Of the total, RM1.3 billion is to be awarded to contractors for the improvement, upgrading and development of facilities and infrastructure of schools. A total of 322 schools, throughout the country, have been identified.
Another RM95.5 million worth of projects will be awarded for the rehabilitation and improvement of police stations.
"The awarding of these projects so soon after the Mini Budget was tabled in Parliament shows the seriousness of the authorities in dealing with the global crisis which has also affected Malaysia," said Najib in a media statement issued yesterday.
"It is also proof of the government's serious concern for the people's well being and to stimulate private sector activity and confidence," he added.
People with conspiracy theories and over-imaginative brain cells would point out that the release of funds coincide with the UMNO AGM. I would say to the analyst-script writers-wannabes, stop the speculation and focus on the real issues - livelihood of yours and mine.

Tan Seri Khalid Ibrahim mentioned that leakages would defeat the purpose of the stimulus. True, that's why MACC should have one of its main terms of reference in tracking and ensuring these leakages can be detected and prevented.

However, I am concerned with the trickle down effect. The time taken can be too long and the coverage is not wide enough. How many contractors will get paid? As with any construction project, it takes time for the stages of completion to be reached and verified then payment released to the main contractor who will cancel to the subcontractors and the sub-sub contractors....in the meantime, foreign construction workers, local hardware businessmen will get their share....do you see you and me being mentioned yet? Just like the moment, I can hear little voices asking, "are we there yet? are we there yet?"


  1. Quite right. It takes time for the money to weave through the economy. As we speak the recession is here, being GDP at 0.1%.

    Prepare for impact.

  2. Najib promises to tighten the tender process, but RM3.2B is dispensed within a week?

  3. One wonders
    1) what projects were given out?
    2) how come there were no advertisement in the newspaper advertising the tenders?
    3) when was the submission date?
    4) when was the granting dates?
    5) within a week?! How did our super efficient public service personnel vet through all applications and select the best candidate and proposal?