Thaipusam wishes

I would like to express my best wishes to my fellow Malaysians who celebrate Thaipusam
Although I have very little, if any, understanding of this festival, I do respect your devotion to something you hold very dear.
It is regrettable that even such as event cannot be spared from political gamesmanship1 and 2. Hinduism was not really a part of prominent political landscape until Badawi's office, correct me if I am wrong.
For those who enjoy the until recently non-existence public holiday, let's remember the sacrifices some of our brave, less fortunate, desperate and cornered fellow Malaysians that took significant risk and endured great pains to take part in a street protest that led to this "concession".
I do spare a thought for the family for this man, sigh. Especially his mother.


  1. I want to personally wish Samy Vellu a happy Thaipusam.

  2. better ask samy to fly kites then celebrating thaipusam