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1國會選區1批發商 確保白糖充足


According to Dato Tan Lian Hoe, Timbalan Menteri Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, the ministry will implement a project called "1 Parliament Seat 1 wholesaler" to ensure proper distribution and security of supply of sugar.


According to the Deputy Minister, the supply of sugar is sufficient but the only problem is with the distance of supply runs. Some suppliers refused to transport sugar to remote places. Presently, there are sugar obtained from Perak being delivered from Penang and some sugar in Perak being supplied to Selangor.


To address these issues, the ministry would launch the above project, via the appointed sugar supplier designated according to parliamentary seat boundaries, to cater to the sugar demands of the market. Retailers can directly obtain supply from the appointed wholeseller to ensure no shortage of sugar supply.


The Deputy Minister has articulated the problem of sugar supply well, i.e. fault in supply chain, transport route and business community emphasizing on profitable routes etc

What I cannot comprehend is, the solution of the supply route can be solved by a "supply grind" designed by Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya. Did SPR consulted the Transport Minsitry, Lorry Drivers' Association, reputable logistic companies, public transport companies to iron all these out?

I wonder if the criteria SPR used in chalking up seat areas reconcile perfectly with the supply route in this country. The article unfortunately did not state if the deputy minister explained how the supply route grind within each constituency is the best designed route system.

I heard plenty of griping about gerrymandering like something like 5,000 voters in Putrajaya and 50,000 voters in Kapar or stuff like that..... so I suppose this complaint, notably by Bersih is unfounded because per the Ministry's plan, there is no such thing as gerrymandering and SPR actually designed constituency areas by supply route.

Call me paranoid or whatever, giving a wholesaler a "ministry stamp" sounds like a tacit monopoly endorsement to me. In large constituency areas like Seputeh, why interfer with market? What is the criteria for selection and is the supplier list for controlled items a public document? What would happen to the other wholesellers/suppliers in the market?

We usually hear criticism about don't politicalise this and politicalise that so by fitting sugar supply chain into designated political arena, yeah right, I am not suppose to politicalise this......


  1. Luke, open up your mind...Obiwan Kenobi

  2. Woow! This sounds like another contract job, with the official 1gomen seal! The govt's job is to admin the country & regulate the market, not interfering or worse, participating in the business sector. All these 1Malaysia Inc is blurring the line between governing & business, in the end money goes to the CEO & family, not our EPF.

  3. More gravy for the annointed ones?