I don't know there was something burning

I got to hand it to IGP who comes up with the best bureaucratic reply ever,

“He did not tell me so it did not happen,”

IGP denies Kg Subang church attack and car-smashing in Bangsar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 – IGP Tan Sri Musa Hasan denied reports of a church attack in Kampung Subang even though Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar had confirmed the incident.

Yep the same chap who scored above full points for his KPI, an astonishing 113.8%
What say you, Koh Tsu Koon?

Pakatan wants UMNO to take the responsibility of one of the darkest moment in Malaysia's history. Of course, after just launching 1Malaysia clinic as a Prime Minister for all Malaysians, Najib says his team is not responsible for it.

“Don’t point the fingers at Umno or anyone else. We have always been very responsible. Don’t say this attack is motivated by Umno,” said Najib

Ok, if I give Najib the benefit of doubt and he earns his salary from our tax money and he is entrusted with the responsibility of running the country, can he at least let us know who are responsible for contempt of court, betrayal of all religion, treason to the nation and threatening the lives and properties of their fellow countrymen?

We are not Rwanda, Bosnia, Sulawesi and I damn well do not want to share their history. If you have gone through what they have gone through, you will value peace and harmony more than whatever that lies between your legs, seriously.

Nizar, the rightful Perak MB if I have a choice, have set aside disaster relieve funds. If the PM want to earn some brownie points or pick up the pieces, well, it will look good later in newspapers, billboards and GE posters......

As for the voters, please remember what happened today. Would you want an administration that would allow us to degenerate into a Sulawesi?

Will the local religious terrorists be brought to books? So far, people who threatened the security of the nation by cycling, giving teddy bear to prime ministers, holding candles, being lawyers visiting clients in police station, being cooperative witnesses have all been dealt with swiftly and in one way or the other by the law enforcement agencies of this country.

Apart from some delays with regards to certain people who have issues with a head of a cow, the law enforcement agencies seemed to be able to react if they are interested or instructed. Let's see whether PDRM can justify Koh Tsu Koon's above full marks valuation.

And I would like to see what the Royalties have to say about this. His Royal Highness have a pivotal religious role in this country and I hope His Royal Highness can exercise his wisdom and address this serious issue and save our country.


  1. I fervently pray to Allah my True God, that He may open His eyes to us poor folk here. Bring forth the hail of justice like You did in biblical times, upon those who deserve it.

  2. 113% for talking cock all the time maybe. Thanks Dr Koh!! Maybe he can teach me a thing or two on raising raising corporate kpi scores or something.

  3. The build up to this incident does seem like the PM is banking on this to happen. After all, since the days of Hitler, fear has been shown to be the most effective tool in controlling the population.

  4. sure, UMNO is responsible and won't do this.

    take a step back, Watson and chew on this:

    1) the act of terrorism was co-ordinated and syncrhonized

    2) the rioters seems to act with the knowledge that there would be no repercussion - any sensible and law abiding citizen would not do so a thing, maybe a starve craze uneducation mob would do so in Somalia, Afghanistan would do so.

    3) for Najib who controls PDRM, Special Branch, Military intelligence and all that, how can't he let the matter get out of hand?

    For JAIS, JAKIM and all that, would they mind looking up their rule book and say something instead on focusing only on khalwat and zina cases?

    What about BN component parties? The usual suspects MCA does not stand for Marginalising Christian Association, MIC is not Me Isn't Christian, Gerakan ain't no Gua Elak Reti Ajaran Kristian Alasnya Nafkah.

    What about the voters FD in East Malaysia? A sizeable of them are Christians so how are the non-muslims majority BN component parties view this?

    Any reason to re-suspend democratic process and declare emergency? I don't think so because this is not caused by democratic processes but by vandals who should be brought to the books via penal code

  5. "UBS, the Swiss bank, said in research published on Friday that Malaysia suffered the biggest foreign exchange outflows of any Asian country in 2009, pointing to massive withdrawal of capital by foreign investors."