Debate on 'Allah' on AlJazeera- 'both sides' invited

A must watch video. This video punches holes into the current 'Allah' issue.

Inside Story presenter Nick Clark is joined by Khairul Faiz Morat, the vice president of international affairs of the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement, Reverend Herman Shastri, the general secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia, and Zachary Abuza, a professor of political science at Simmons College specialising in the politics of Southeast Asia.


  1. 1:21 -> ' "Allah" is not for other "races" ' mate...should it be "religion" instead (honest grammar mistake) or is that what he really mean?

    8:50 -> nail on the head

    9:00 -> ' we are not overreacting...can I stop "from" there ' ...... polemic over

    the ending sequence could confuse overseas viewers...some of the crackdown was against the anti Internal Security Act march in 1 August and not the Hindraf

    lastly I am confused when the confused voiced about the confusion not caused by the 9% on the 65% but he is still worried about confusion caused by another percentage who could confuse the other percentage....I am really confused

    I think it would be beneficial for Malaysia for the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement to present their views in a mature, responsible, holistic manner and written form for review, consideration and comments, the economic, political, social and religious positions of the non-muslims so that the non-muslims can know "how to behave" according to MIYM to maintain stability and harmony


  2. I think the distinction between race an religion is collapsed- Khairul actually meant 'race' and not religion. He is basically typical. Inarticulate, confused- undermining race and religion. Wrong person to appear on international TV in key issues such as this. Rather than address the 'Allah' issue, this is guy is OMG material.

  3. My goodness, Khairul Faiz Morat - it is very obvious that u are defending a irrational idea with weak reasons. You can't even answer a single question directly and reasonably. Seems that you have same answers for all the questions posed to you. "Do not confused certain people with certain religious background; dialogue behind closed doors, Allah is only for muslims". You are taking Msian for a ride. Malaysians are mature enough to think for themselves. I believed Msian Muslims' beliefs are strong enough to counter any conversion attempt.

  4. English language proficiency or the lack of it, played a big part for his failure. That's why this thing on pushing for a single supreme race and religion is overdone. What's the point of being from a 'supreme' race when you can't even communicate your points clearly across a global audience. Khairul you are not fit to represent Muslims la. Who chose this guy anyway?

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