Inter-faith council: keeping up with the Jones

Inter faith dialogue was deemed impossible during Badawi's administration despite the conversion and body snatching incidents during his tenure.

Since then Malaysia has progressed to Shah Alam cow head issue, assaults on places of worship and now some poor pigs who also could not die in peace despite like the cows, sacrificed themselves to provide food for Malaysians.

Badawi , like any decent ex-Malaysian Prime Minister (but still an elected Yang Berhormat/Berkhidmat), is liberated to sing a different tune.

Pak Lah pushes for inter-faith dialogue as way forward to resolve ‘Allah’ crisis

MCA has upped its attempt to secure brownie points by having their own version but I think they forgot to invite someone.

Its president, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, said the organisations include the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism.

Good old Nazri, as usual, have his own view (how I love his 1Malaysia, 2 Terminology approach. Politics First)

Nazri says too late for dialogue on ‘Allah’

Of course, there are good men around in Malaysia that has done the right thing. I read in the Chinese press that the NS police chief held an inter-faith meeting between religious leaders and syabas to the man.

While this IFC is deemed too sensitive, too difficult and too risky for Malaysians to dabble in 21st century age of internet, information explosion, knowledge-base economies, blue sea strategies etc, let's see what Indonesia, the source of our maids (abused or otherwise), construction and factory labour is doing:

JAKARTA : Indonesia will soon formalise an Inter-Religious Council that would bring together leaders from major faiths in the country to anticipate and tackle inter-religious conflicts in the country.

Ad-hoc meetings between leaders of different religious groups in Indonesia are not new. But now they plan to institutionalise it and call it the Indonesia Inter-Religious Council.

Well perhaps we should send observers there to learn a thing or two...oops do we do lawatan sambil belajar to Jakarta or further?


  1. Hey! Gilakah? do you think I have nothing better to do than go on a lawatan sambil belajar to Jakarta. What do they have? Disney or other places woth "belajaring" about?

    Remember, they set their own rules on how to use the rakyat's funds and the people entrusted with investigating them is ok with it.

  2. We should all support inter-religious dialogue, especially among scholars and clergies so that they understand and appreciate each others' religions better. All religions teach goodness and love. It is politicians and opportunists that manipulate religions for their own good to built power-bases. Watch out for these devils.

  3. Regular conversations are good. Has education purposes too- ie understand other faiths and so on.

  4. By not having IFD, we Malaysians are admitting to the world that we are incapable of thinking aloud, articulating what is dear to us, accommodate and understand whatever is equally if not more dear to our fellow citizens.

    This is the 21st century, why can't we respect each other and talk about what is important to us?

    if BN administraton think Malaysians are not mature enough to have a proper discussion and fll of Zulkifri Nordin's then this is a damning indictment of the education and social system they are responsible for for more than half a decade

    They have failed multi racial harmonous Malaysia and let someone else have a crack at it

    Unless of course, one's political currency is built on divide and rule