Who is Ganeson?


Who is Sivakumar? He is just the Tronoh assemblyman,” he said.

“The procedures and the agenda of the sitting can always be altered, isn’t it? Standing Orders 13 (2) says this isn’t it?” he said.

If Ganeson has these 2 questions, as a tax payer, one should wonder

1) "just an assemblyman?" - how much does Ganeson value, respect and consider the voters' given right?

2) what was the basis of Ganeson being elected as the Speaker since he was not even elected into the DUN by voters?

3) a change of procedures and agenda, allowable being as it is, should have reasons that serves public interest, isn't it? If Ganeson simply justifies that the SO allow him to change, without underlying reasons for change that serves the public's interest, the change is merely "a frolic of his own" at best, and at worse, ... leave it to every respectable mamak stall lawyers' interpretation.

Remember this day, my dear Perakian voters. It might well be a day that the unelected thwarted the elected and enthrusted. I leave the events unfolding today for your interpretation.

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