Congratulations to BN

Congratulations to BN. A handsome, landslide victory

I was at the ceramah at DAP Ops centre as it has the best parking facility and there was beer serving outlets on both side of it. DAP and beer has an intimate relationship it seems.

Perhaps as an omen for things to come, my camera cocked up. I notice this blog has received some attention of cybertroopers. I am flattered. Let's join me in bashing that useless piece of waste of money.

It was a good turn out. The speakers delivered their messages well enough and Anwar was outstanding. The thousands who came mostly remained glued to their seats, impressed and responsive but I do notice some conservative and unmoving individuals as well amongst the crowd.

On 1 hand, maybe they are beyond redemption, enjoy the declining standard of living while subscribing to communal politics dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya as well as being grateful to BN (there was a lovely banner saying "terimakasih kepada Muhyddin kerana meluluskan 2 sekolah untuk kami" or words to that effect, err...ain't that what he is paid to do).

On the other and, since this DUN seat makes no difference in the control of state government, lets

1) continue to get the development allocation

2) put ISA on M Hassan, sit back and enjoy the spectacle

Remember Ijok?

3) give Jibby the confidence to call for the Perak state-wide election. I suppose PR will be happy be remain status quo by trading Bagan Pinang for Perak. What was yours remain yours; what was ours we like it back big time, please.

UMNO is still a formidable force. In the last GE, MIC and MCA lost. UMNO won and won very well. Perhaps it is conceivable than UMNO might want to conside going alone in Peninsular and keep the seats for itself rather than giving them to MIC and MCA who carry greater risk of defeat.

Lest I am called a bad sport, I hereby sincerely congratulate UMNO for the landslide victory in a difficult period with the issues bugging MCA and MIC. The SPR, solders, police and energetic BN youths all played their role to reasonable expectation and perhaps beyond that.

Well done BN & friends.


  1. I'm so incredibly angry. Everytime BN pushes up the prices of goods and introduces repressive laws against the interest of these semi-rural folks, they scream injustice. And yet they willingly vote in a corrupt leader, thereby endorsing the very culture that is the cause of their predicament.

    In my visits to the Bagan Pinang estates, I observed that a large number of the Indian workers have been replaced by cheap Indon workers. Any sensible person with a shred of common sense will understand that this works against their interests as the cheap Indon workers will put pressure on their own wages. This has been going on for the past decade or so. Yet today the Indians chose a government that endorses such neo-liberal policies.

    These people are hopeless. When again the cost of living becomes unbearable, I would suggest that they just shut the f*ck up.

  2. JH, I understand your frustration after the effort you have put in. You have put in a good fight but they are not worthy of your efforts.

    there is little choice elso except to conduct a post mortem, found out the reason for the swing and address the issues accordingly.

    For the Indians, perhaps Buah Pala issue has been presented in a way that did Pakatan a disfavour. As Pakatan do not control the federal mechanism, visible, quantum leap kind of assistance for Indians is not possible .....

    Najib's rating has improved most significantly amongst the Indians, funny considering the treatment of Kugan and the subsequent lamentable manner in which the justice process is progressing. Releasing a few pigeons, seem to pleased them....

    Yeah u are tight, for them it's SNAFU.