UMNO AGM 2009 # 2: Awang Selamat's comment

I have developed an affection for attention forAwang Selamat at the moment. Perhaps it is down to mid-life crises. I am having a second round of teenage infatutation with someone.

Since Najib has brilliantly articulated that UMNO needs to change, has to change and must change (I wonder who and what made UMNO want to do such a thing, don't they stand for dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya on certain principles?) As a Malaysian who wants to see the country united and progressive, I certainly hope Najib and Khairy can deliver what they said.

It also strikes me that those 2 sounded a bit not unlike what Anwar Ibrahim and DAP been saying all these while. Hope the unproductive labels of "Pengkhianat Melayu" and "Parti Komunis" can be put to rest now.

Name calling on fellow Malaysians should be put into museum. Let's focus on positive campaigning, which Najib and Khairy are trying to do. Proof of the pudding is the eating and believe me, being the one of the most powerful prime ministers in the world, Najib can do whatever he wants with ease.

It is now the man, not the party, we tax payers should evaluate from now. He is the Prime Minister chosen by Badawi and UMNO and technically was not subject to a national referendum via orthodox nation-wide democratic process. It is critical for Najib to build his credential and the recent hike in his approval rate suggest he is going at the right direction.

I wonder what good old Awang Selamat, the think tank of the UMNO mouth piece and moulder of Malay mindset, has to say about the change in tone extrolled in the halls of the AGM?


APA lagi yang diperlukan oleh sebuah pergerakan politik yang sudah lama berkuasa dan berdepan dengan cabaran yang kompleks jika bukan keyakinan. Itulah yang diterjemahkan oleh Presiden UMNO, Najib Tun Razak pada perasmian Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Ke-60, semalam.

Dengan hujah yang bernas, fokus yang jelas dan penyampaian yang bertenaga, beliau ternyata dapat menyuntik semangat yang amat diperlukan oleh UMNO.

-- ok the customary flattery necessary to keep him in good books of the people who mattered

Segala-galanya berbaur tetapi mesej utama Najib adalah pembaharuan. Beliau mahu UMNO menjayakan pembaharuan itu. Najib juga memberikan mesej yang tegas bahawa UMNO bukan parti rasis, kenyataan yang Awang amat setuju.

-- alright, AS sokong tetap sokong but sokong apo?

Seperti juga perwakilan di Dewan Merdeka, Awang tersentuh terutama pada penghujung ucapan beliau yang mahu semua ahli UMNO bangkit demi menjayakan pembaharuan.

Melihat perwakilan sama bingkas bangun dan spontan memberikan laungan sokongan, ia adalah isyarat jelas agenda Najib makin diterima dan dekat di hati.

-- ok, everybody is with Najib on whatever whatever

Bukan semua pemimpin mampu memberikan impak sedemikian. Sekalung tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Najib kerana menyalakan semula obor keyakinan itu.

Awang – Terus bangkit.

-- at the end of the article, you wonder what Awang is grateful, overwhelmed and thrilled about. No comments on Najib's messages about change. No detailed analysis on the nature, reason, justifucation, potential impact of the fundamental changes.

-- lo and behold a fundamental statement on the level of editorial and journalism standard in Malaysia after more than 50 years of Alliance/BN rule

-- the English footy fans usually sing "you don't what what you are doing" when the manager has lost the plot...somehow this tune just started to rumble in my head.

Happy Deepavali and holidays to all Malaysians!

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