Black Hawk Down- gaya saja lebih.

Did you know that Oct 3rd is the 16th annivesary the day when 2 MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters shot down in Somalia in 1993 depicted in Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down in 2001. This movie of course told the story from the America bravado point of view which failed to amplify the big screw up on the USA's (lousy tactical plan and lack of political support) part and downplayed the contribution from Malaysia and Pakistan armed forces in UNOSOM II.

Left: Black Hawk Down the movie. The Delta Force, Rangers, SEALs, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and Air Force Pararescue/Air Force Combat Controllers were made to look really gaya (even while dying) in the movie while UNOSOM II troops were depicted like bumbling buffoons. Check out the story on the real Eversmann here (played by Josh Hartnett in the movie) and the Malaysia viewpoint written by Col Chia here.

2nd from right: Kpl Mat Aznan, killed in action while driving the MALBAT's Radpanzer Condor armoured personnel carrier in the hot zone. 7 others from MALBAT were injured.

Left: One of the destroyed  Radpanzer Condor APCs. These are MALBAT's light amored vehicles forced to undergo direct heavy machinegun fire and shelling to extradite the US forces.

Left: US forces posing beside a MALBAT APC after the ordeal.

Documentary from the History Channel on YouTube here. I've been to quite a number of virtual warzones myself and can testify it's a daunting task to stay alive. Wonder when will our Malaysian directors and producers redeem Malaysia's true heroes?

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  1. the best war movie by Malaysia that I watched was Bukit Kepong. I missed out on Leftenan Adnan.

    P Ramlee's Sarjan Hassan was pretty good for its era and it did had a dose of racial harmony then when he had a Ah Pek family friend and the funniest sequence of the movie involved the Ah Pek hiding in the closet while a Japanese officer was currying favours from Hassan's love interest.

    It highlights the deficiency of malaysian film making
    - lack of funding (making war movie can be more expensive than lovey dovey dramas)

    - lack of war movie culture (unlike the Americans who draw on military & movie making history from the War of Independency, Civil War, WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and also Somalia)

    - lack of effort to document and protray our military history (compared to the richness from Stephen Ambrose, John Keegan, Morrison for the Yanks)

    perhaps it is due for its to honour our men in uniform a bit more than now

    war can teach us about the value of peace and harmony. the war mongerring by local politicans should be despised and banished.

    Wonderful post RWM