H1N1 reveals some truth about an important civil servant

When I was a wee lad, teachers are feared and respected as paragon of virtues, morally impeccable and guidance to our minds & souls.

And the Headmaster ranks even higher than teachers.

Parents would try their best to enroll their kids to the best schools so that they can be taught and guided by the best teachers. Teachers play a vital part in the development of our children and in Mandarin, there is a proverb that states "Teachers Are The Engineers Of The Soul".

What if there is a case of "Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi"? Would any right minded parents feel comfortable with this kind of Head leading the school of your children are attending?

“… principal of SMK Wangsa Maju, Section 2 in Setapak, is one such example. She has vehemently denied one of the classes has been closed and the pupils of that class were quarantined.
However, the MP for the area, Wee Chee Keong, said this was confirmed to him by the very same principal. …”

"The case is not confirmed. What you heard about the student's class being in quarantine is not true," said school principal, Hajjah Rokiah.
"We don't know about the girl's condition yet. So there is no need to quarantine the class."
Malay Mail spoke to three of them (note:students) and they said all the pupils in that particular class had been absent yesterday. And the class was quarantined.

The notable points are:

1) As a HM, we expect a higher level of integrity and professionalism than say, scoundrels, dodgers and liars;

2) It is one thing to tell a white lie to a close friend with limited consequences, it is a different ball game all together when you lie to the press, the public or a Member of Parliament;

3) Residents of Wangsa Maju are neither outraged or bothered by this gross misconduct by an official earning her pay from tax payers' money;

4) The relevant authorities within the education establishment have yet to respond to this. Perhaps they are more interested to decide whether to call it H1N1 or selsama babi so as to make our local newscasters on TV3 have an easier life (now we all know where Rais Yatim's priority lies in the time of national crises);

5) Why the HM is so fearful of the truth? To guard her face? To maintain her reputation? An irrational fear of being frank after decades of ISA, OSA or she is merely a product of a 50 years old administration that discourages free dissemination of relevant information?

6) In addition to local residents, Wangsa Maju has 1 university (UNITAR) and 2 colleges (TARC and Cosmopolitan College), plus those who have graduated and continue staying in Wangsa Maju. Students and graduates there travel all over Malaysia during weekends to get back home or hangout in city centre.

Imagine the risk of H1N1 spreading out like from these potential carriers. Wangsa Maju should be classified as a potential high risk infection transfer source and the Health Ministry should set up a monitoring centre here. The sooner the truth is out, the sooner residents are aware of the risk and the sooner relevant actions can be taken.

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