How to make yourself sound (read) silly and shallow

While Najib wax lyrics about 1 Malaysia and succeeded in improving his approval index mainly with Indians and visited China with his family (I have no information on who paid for the entourage), we have a beauty of a blog post from this gentleman who hails from my home state.

The gentleman claims that as Chinese (Lim Guan Eng) come into power, they will not share power with Malays. Before I finished reading half the article, I already surmised the following points:

1) in Malaysia, Chinese constitute only a quarter of the population and not all Chinese bother to vote and many of them are apolitical like the famed frog in the slowly cooked water but in a democracy, in order for any leaders to be in power, he has to please all sides;

2) the writer over looked the fact that LGE appointed a Malay while there is a Chinese, whose name I cannot recall, joining the boycott however; and

3) whenever there is a complaint by a Malay against a Chinese, it is too simplistic to say that it is a racial issue while the underlying and actual issues are neglected.

So if a Malay customer complains to the property developer of his condominium that the Chinese subcontractor built a faulty tap is a racial issue and not a quality issue?

Here's a quote from Khoo Kay Peng's blog

"I was told that the chief minister wanted to depoliticize the local councils by appointing civil servants who have the experience and expertise to helm the councils. Tan's appointment is supposed to usher in a new era of better local council services to taxpayers like myself."

In addition, he coined the term "YB BABI" and clearly this indicate he is crude, emotional, disrespectful to people and animals as well as unable to articulate logical arguments in a convincing and respectable manner hence turned into a ranting child throwing toys out of his tram.

His call sign read as follows:

"One of the most talkative species of birds I have ever known! One of my favourite friends that I am sharing this globe with!"

- there is a Chinese proverb that states the more you speak, the more wrongs you are likely to get

At least I agree with him on 1 count as, despite my lack of French, I get the message as he proudly proclaims himself:
Update on 7th June:
Someone revealed the true identity of the magpie ... read on as I feel that I need not comment further....

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  1. Please sign on to safe Bukit Koman villagers from cyanide poisoning! We care of all people in Malaysia because we are Malaysian!