Hazy, smog, poison air whatever you call it .....

This darn Indonesians never learn eh? Life for them not challenging enough, izzit? Every year burn and pollute the air, as if we other Aseans have forgotten about you.

7 a.m. this morning, cough! choke!

I also wonder about our Health Minister, the raising star of MCA. In Hong Kong, H1N1 flu was closely monitored, advice and public warnings issued and kindergartens were suspended for 2 weeks. Here, not even a "be careful, drink more water, wear mask etc" was whispered.

All I remember was some Chinese press reported that a head mater in a school in Melaka prohibited students from wearing mask due to fear of er...meningitis or something....because "wearing of mask will create the wrong impression." Er...mate, in Hong Kong and Japan, considerate people wear mask when they have ordinary cold or flu....too much of growing up in a controlled press environment for the headmaster then.


  1. Referring to the HM prohibiting students from wearing masks, I feel there is an irony here.

    In schools, we are taught to be living a hygienic healthy lifestyle.

    I am sure this HM will be backfired whenever he gives speeches on school cleanliness in the school's weekly assemblies.

  2. well, you are right CK.

    That's the impact of too much political influence over everything in Malaysia from business to sports to media etc hence decisions are always made from political point of view, professional or technical considerations are not top priority.

  3. Some people just don't give a damn about their neighbors don't they.

  4. I know it was a sick joke but I wondered before whether the tsumami was natural's respond to attempt to put out the massive fires unleashed upon it by us selfish greedy mortals....and the ones that really suffered was innocent, out of choice victims

    isn't it odd that while we read so much about the poor victims of the tsunami in Sumatera, the reports on damages suffered by the offending plantation companies, many of whom are Malaysian companies I read, seemed to be conspicous in its absence.