Suicide bombing at Pakistani hotel

I could not find this incident reported in The StarOnline yet hence have decided to pluck a news excerpt from Bloomberg and put it here. News reports say that it is a big, big bomb. Hope my friends over there are OK.

June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Militants drove a truck packed with explosives into a luxury hotel in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar where dozens of United Nations officials were gathered, killing one relief worker and several other people.

More than 40 others were also injured in the blast late yesterday at the five-star Pearl Continental Hotel, state-run media reported. Television images showed a shattered wreck of twisted steel and collapsed concrete slabs, as bloodied guests and workers staggered to waiting ambulances.

Full report here.

The Reuters' highly detailed report is here.


  1. Pointless. No matter whatever political or religious dispute, mass murder of such nature can never be justified

    Can the "silent majority" raise above the "noisey and action packed" minority? My pessimistic answer is a firm no.

    I hope your friends check in here!

  2. Anon, my fat hopes. My friends never checked in because they work in the hotel. They are of local descent and religion there.