No one boycotts oneself

Tun Mahathir, Association of Muslim Restaurant Operators of Malaysia (Presma), Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) should have seeked my advice before going ahead with that US products boycott. 
I've got a feeling Mahathir forgot that he created Malaysia Incorporated during his tenure as PM- prior to 1998 foreign companies setting up shop in Malaysia were required to have local partners and a limited 30% foreign shareholding only. In 1998 admist the economic crisis rules were relaxed for the manufacturing sector and to those companies which did not have direct competition with local companies' products and services. Up to this day many foreign companies retain significant local shareholding if not a 100% local shareholding.

In fact many of these foreign companies have at least 30% Bumiputra shareholding. Companies like F&NCC Beverages S/B owns 90% of F&N Coca-Cola (M) S/B; F&NCC Beverages S/B in turn is over 41% locally-owned mostly by Permodalan Nasional Bhd (the guys behind Amanah Saham). KFC Malaysia is fully local; while Starbucks Malaysia is owned by Berjaya and McDonald's owned by Golden Arches Restaurants S/B. Permodalan Nasional Bhd also owns a can coating company which supplies chemical coatings for Coke cans. Local manufacturers Kian Joo are big time players in the can and packaging industry involving US brands. The spread in the supply chain is deeper and wider than one thinks.

Direct impact on the local industry
In reality, Malaysia is a small market to these US-products and a boycott will impact the local boys more. These companies are major employers of local people- for instance companies such as Dell Penang is the single biggest employer in Prai.
I don't think a boycott is a good idea at all; nor will it affect the US in any way,because to the US guys, Malaysia is small market. This boycott came about because we can't get hold of anything Jewish, that's all. Even if intended to be symbolic, I would expect these Muslim groups think of something better.

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