Meanwhile, two house breakins occurred over the last 2 days in Taman Bunga Raya, Wangsa Maju. According to witnesses, the robbers escaped on foot.


  1. gotto teach the police to run as well :P

  2. LOL! This is like saying "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades".

    Them high powered cars couldn't slow down enough and the robbers ran rings through the side lanes.

    Go, PDRM, go forth and fill up at the nearest petrol kiosk, take a ciggy break and get ready for the next great adventure of "The ones that got away, again".
    Yo bro,

    K's wondering how some of us found out about her new abode. Yer didn't tell her, did yer? Hehehe!

    Stay warm in Hong Kong and at least, you know yer safer there!


  3. On the Evos- I hope adequate training comes with the cars!!!We don't want collateral damage on normal road users in those high-speed highway chases, goodness.

    Hahah- on the new blog she really didn't tell you guys didn't she.