Are you kidding me

The bright neon lights of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Cold weather made took me on shopping trip tonight. It's 11 degrees- getting a sweater/ jumper/ scarf is a necessity. I kick myself for not preparing for this cold weather- I knew about the cold from the weather forecast (I keep the forecasts of countries I travel to in iGoogle) but yet I let the precendence of travelling light take over necessity. Yes, I travel light- I use a 14" wide bag for one-night stays, and a 16" bag for stays exceeding one night. The other only bag I carry is my laptop bag. 
Looking quickly through a few department stores- I could not believe the price of winter clothes. 'Dirt' cheap that is- compared to Malaysia, and HK itself a month ago. My last trip here was in December, the average daytime temperature was 20 degrees being the start of winter. It was also the time of the HK mega-year end sale. However, the jackets and shoes that I liked cost above HKD1,000 (RM1 ~ HKD2.4). I thought stuff was overpriced being sale time, morever I thought it was cheaper in Malaysia. I ended up not buying anything.
Today, somewhere the peak of HK winter, winter clothes being the necessity, prices are like, slashed 50%-80%- somewhat cheaper than the year-end sales??!! What the?!
How to beat the cold in HK:
- walk faster that the HK people; body warms up hence not cold anymore
-drink more hot soup; have more hot soup noodles
-a friend advises- cut-up the hotel blanket and use it as a scarf, but I don't think this is advisable.

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