Dimsum afternoon

"All Malaysians are proud of their country... are you?". Smiles were directed at me, and so was the question. I was in the company of four charming friends.
It was strange this question should pop-up during lunch time. We were in a bustling restaurant at Wanchai, waiting to be served dimsum. I wanted to say that I'm outright proud of Malaysia, being in the company of foreign friends, but really, I'm proud of it in a different manner.
"Yes, I'm proud of Malaysia- not the Malaysia now, but the future Malaysia...rid of corruption and racism." I went on to explain in a nutshell how Malaysia is. "The future is bright. Many people want change and they are not afraid to strive for it. We will move forward once we solve matters of freedom and justice."
It's ok to be ideal;  at this juncture, I  noticed a couple of my HK friends became moist in the eyes (?). They connected to my statement, probably because I said it in full conviction. I learn that, HK people are nationalists- proud of their country and how their jobs contribute to nation-building and their economy. Due to the Malaysian socio-political blogs which are picked up by the HK mainstream newspapers, the well-read HK person knows what's roughly happening in Malaysia. That question was just being asked to pick my brain on my political orientation.
Thanks to the work of the Malaysian bloggers (political bloggers inclusive) whose work goes beyond the call of duty of a 'regular' citizen, fighting many battles on the behalf of the Malaysian people. Good night Malaysia.

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