An airplane conversation

Last flight out
It was the last flight out from KLIA to Singapore on a Sunday night, as I intended to have a late check-in at the hotel. A hectic week ahead, packed with conferences and meetings. I glanced at the book cover of the  page book which I had just purchased before the flight wondering how much I could sink in on a 55-minute flight. The day was drawing to an end, and I was lethargic. My mind would not be on the book. I decided to strike a conversation with a fellow passenger on my left instead.

"Are you on work, or holidays...?"
Barely in her thirties. A doctor, Malaysia-born, now residing in Singapore. Our conversation went into politics; proceeded to healthcare in Malaysia and Singapore.
Healthcare in Malaysia 
"You know, public healthcare is a big difference between Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, quality of public healthcare is higher than Malaysia's general hospitals....but the cost is much more expensive in Singapore." She went on to explain that Singaporeans have to pay thousands, even in public hospitals.
"It is not easy, especially for the aged... the aunties and uncles. They can get social welfare, but the application procedures aren't that simple... not to mention the waiting period. Even though Malaysian public hospitals are not five-star, healthcare is still available cheaply for everyone in Malaysia. That is most important."
The A330 touched down on the wet runway of Changi Airport. We gathered our hand-luggage and proceeded to immigration check-out. Waving and parting ways, I walked out into the warm Singapore night to catch a cab to Trader's Hotel. My cab taxied out of the tarmac and into the street, as the rain drizzled softly on the window panes , I could not help pondering on my dad's thirty ringgit bill for a week's stay at the KLGH.

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  1. hmmm.....that's some food for thought. in some ways, we are better of than our neighhours :) cheers.........