EC and their committed registration drive

I heard some stories about the problems they face from my friends working as voters registrators. I do feel guilty parking my lazy ass at home while they struggle with getting on with the thankless and tedious task.

EC takes time to process registrations and their recent restriction of quantity of forms available at any one time tend to frustrate and giving the impression, rightly or wrongly, that they are not the most eager beaver amongst the civil service.

Then suddenly EC all turn gung-ho with this one:

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 6 — The Election Commission (EC) targets to sign-up more than 400,000 civil servants to become new voters before the next general election.

The Malaysian Insider understands that a whopping 30 per cent (420,000) of the 1.2 million strong in the government service are unregistered.

When registered this segment would have a significant impact on whether Barisan Nasional (BN) or Pakatan Rakyat (PR) form the next administration.

The EC says it wants a 100 per cent civil service sign-up, which would increase the number of presently registered voters by 10 per cent.

They’ve already asked all government agencies to forward the names of non-voters.

“With this, we are confident that we can register every civil servant as a voter,” said the EC’s voter registration panel chairman, Datuk Zainal Abidin Mat Said.

EC is working on the assumption that all civil servants must and will vote for Barisan Nasional candidates. Given the voting trend in Putrajaya, and also amongst postal and phantom voters, EC has a point.

I wished I came up with this argument but the credit really belong to this citizen solder whom I have had the utmost pleasure to interview some time ago

“There were some pensioners who were afraid of losing their pensions if they voted for the opposition. I explained to them the process of safe custody and destruction of the ballot papers. Only then they felt relieved. I also told those in civil service that they earn their salary through honest work that they put in and they do not owe their soul and democratic rights to those people who occupies seats for a few years.”

The EC is practising double standard in 1Malaysia or really is it Which 1Malaysia? While Muthu, Chong, Ali, Deepak, Lorenzo and who else have to struggle to locate a place to register for what was stated in the Constitution as available to them anyway...EC decide to run to all civil servants as if they are not pampered enough with iron rice bowl, pension, stress-free environment, quality canteen, freedom to say certain things without fear of punishment etc...

By the way, if the EC is running all over the civil service offices, would this affect the registration process of the non-civil servants?
If EC is living in 1Malaysia with that Rakyat Diutamakan and Performance Now slogans, they should be running to the rakyat as well.

With the fixed deposits in Sarawak and Sabah, why does Barisan Nasional have to worry?
Talent Corp, ETP, NEM, banning cartoons, interviewing Pakatan candidates in the police station, Samy to make it time for punters to buy shares in BN linked listed companies?
I have vivid memory of price of Bursa Saham shares (counter 1818) jumped from around RM-RM8 to RM13-RM16 just before the previous GE....jumping into the roller coater ride now could ned up as political financing.
Anyway I made this up and I did not register any copy right..EC is more than welcome to copy verbatim and play with these 2.....

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