Hill side development again, not again?

One of my friends who is staying in Taman Melati was very pissed off.

If I am in his position, I would too.

My friend bought a condo unit in Platinium Hill so that his family can enjoy fresh air, nice breeze from the wonderfully forested hill accross the highway.

And see the latest development here.

What was once a lush, eco-balancing god's gift to Malaysians have been torn apart for "development's sake"

Let's take a look at the DBKL hill side development guidelines here


4.7.6 General Guidelines

• Development in Hillside must observe the following general guide:

a) To preserve the existing character of areas with mature trees

b) To keep the cutting of existing mature trees to a minimum, and ensure adequate replacement of trees that are removed.

c) To keep the cutting of the existing natural topography to a minimum

d) To maintain the low density detached residential character of the area

e) To maintain existing road widths and road network

f ) To control building heights such that they do not exceed the existing tree heights.

ok, so must keep the buildings lower than the trees and not to cut too many trees eh?

Take a look at the blog site set up for this project by the developer, there is a video and it shows the lush forest before the cutting and landscaping operation:

Helluva lot of trees were cut down (and need to be replanted???), the landscape has been changed so much that the resident monkeys would have problem recognising it and I do not think any trees can grow to be as tall as those lovely classy condos.

This site is not that far from Bukit Antarangasa, remember them?

Following the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide which killed five people and forced thousands to evacuate their homes, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had called on local authorities to ban all hillside development.

So after the Highland Towers tragedy and another landslide which killed some more, the then DPM said something very logical...only for this rebuke

Despite the controversies involving hillside development, there will be no blanket ban on such projects.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed, who disclosed this, said this was because the country's population was increasing and land was needed for development.

Something never change, even though you got a promotion, eh?


  1. this piece belongs to SIME lor...apa boleh buat...makan pisang lor

  2. yes, but still subject to authority approval.

    i mean if I buy a piece of land and build a whore house then I am sure the relevant aouthorities would either disallow this or close my sweet whore house down

    otherwise, why do we need regulatory authorities for?