Najib's racist side

Najib's speech on the Federal Constitution in the 2011 UMNO General Assembly refers.

This year about 20 Malays in my company lost their jobs. 25% of them had been with the company for more than 10 years. Their jobs went to people of another nationality of lower wages. In another case last year an entire division within my company situated in another Asian country closed down and their jobs went to Malaysians. These guys who lost their jobs were Chinese. As a result of globalization, jobs go from one country to another by passing race and color. The name of the game is cost and efficiency. Najib is misaligning the Malays in Malaysia on a tangent off nation-building- having 'special rights' does not contribute to economic growth.

I was buying into the 1Malaysia concept slowly already but Najib just blew his own baby away (plus many million bucks in terms of PR fees related to 1Malaysia) with that UMNO speech. So long Najib does not begin to align UMNO from being racially-focussed, UMNO is just a big Klu Klu Khan outfit.


  1. I'm actually very surprised that the author harbour any hope for the 1M at all, however skeptical his buy-in.

    The history of Najib has been always been in the opposition direction of 1M. The little that he says and does in support of his 1M is very quickly contradicted by what he says and does ( or did not do )soon after.

    Lets not be delusional about Najib or his agenda.


  2. The author advocates racial equality, free speech and national unity.

    1 Malaysia is a great concept and is what this country needs.

    However, it is the very same person who coined the idea going into a different direction. I'm going for 1 Malaysia and holding Najib by his words.

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