An open letter to Pakatan Rakyat and the Rakyat

I am writing this in an emotional stupour after reading the news about 5 judges ruling against Nizar as the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak. So perhaps I might not make a lot of sense.

Punters with no official capacity in coffee shops told me that they predict Anwar will end up with a conviction, posing a serious threat to the solidarity of Pakatan Rakyat, already under threat from the likes of Zulkifri Nordin, Hassan Ali and the few gentlemen up north plus some pretty partisan civil servants.

Will Pakatan rakyat crumble because of Anwar’s absence? Can Pakatan survive the exodus of those whose objective of being in Pakatan Rakyat is dubious in the first place? Can Pakatan Rakyat find a new leader amongst themselves to carry on?

Please do not let Teoh Beng Hock die in vain.

Please do not let those who braved the suffering from tear gas, physical assault and detention to make their stand known endured for nothing.

Please do not let the voters who voted for change felt they have backed a bunch of selfish, wishy washy and egoistic politicians.

Please do not let down those grass root people who worked hard, risked all and sacrificed time, career opportunities and comfort to contribute to the cause.

If Anwar is taken out of Pakatan Rakyat by imprisonment, then please agree on the composition of new leadership. It need not be an individual that heads all (we have that model already and it does not seem to work well all the time) but a council of leaders (and that would make chopping the head of the leader of the pack just a little bit harder).

Pakatan must carry on the good fight and bring bi-partisan into the reality of life in Malaysia. It is not a bad thing for the rakyat to have a choice. The Americans can choose between Democrats or Republicans; the Brits can alternate also between the Tories and Labour Party, so why can’t Malaysians have a choice?

For those good people in Pakatan Rakyat, please get the coalition registered, the basic principles agreed, kicked out those who do not embrace the noble principles we Malaysians yearn for. It would kill my spirit to see Malaysia being drag backwards when just almost 2 years ago, on 9th March 2008, the sun never shone so brightly as I trotted out to the swimming pool in my condo. I smiled at an Ah Pek and without a word spoken he understood and smiled back. Please do not let our hope, optimism and future fade away just like that.

I remember the dialogue in Rocky Balboa the movie to the effect that it does not matter how you got hit and fell but what matters is how you keep picking yourself up and keep going. Sun Yat Sen failed 10 times before kicking out the Manchurian dynasty. George Washington’s army suffered continuous defeat before emerging victorious and yep Alex Ferguson suffered a few bad seasons before creating the dominance of Manchester United in recent decades.

For those not so good people in Pakatan Rakyat, if you are a staunch defender of Opportunist Politics, Racism and Bigotry, you fit in rather well elsewhere. Please by all means.

For the rakyat of Malaysia, please for goodness sake grow up. VOTE! Assess the choices available to you. Great many among you equate your sacred vote to 5 years once goodie bag, dead man ang pow or whatever that really short charges you.

A Wakil Rakyat is not a santa clause, not a celebrity who attends weddings and funerals, not a back up plan for gaji buta municipal incompetents or a social worker.

They are supposed to assess and craft effective nation building policies. They are suppose to come up with smart ideas to move the nation to equal standing to the developed nations, not to look at your drains, fences, neighbour’s obnoxious pet (I heard that amongst complaints forwarded, some were against chickens and tortoise) etc.

If you have a complain, take it up with the municipal first before seeking the WR’s assistance.

For those people who march up to a Pakatan WR and threaten them that their vote would be lost next round if the WR do not entertain their unreasonable, trivial and selfish demands, please repeat the same threat to a BN WR and let me know the results of the 2 meetings.

For those arm chair critics and fence sitters, please engage the Wakil Rakyat, the PAs of WRs (excluding those who have access to trousers and KY jellies, you don’t want any trouble) and try to understand what sacrifices they are making and ask yourself whether you yourself are capable of doing the same thing.

For the good Wakil Rakyat, a little morale support, a little financial support goes a long way to help them deal with the sense of injustice, frustration and siege that you will never in your life time, can fully comprehend let alone take them up. Teoh Beng Hock lived with a salary of RM1,800 when he could easily double that by sitting before a desk in some big commercial organization and yet, what made him choose the path that led him to make the ultimate sacrifice. If Philippines have their Jose Rizal day, my household will have our own Teoh Beng Hock day!

Well I have said my piece. Ultimately, it is up to Pakatan Rakyat and the rakyat to decide. Please make a wise choice for yourself and your loved ones.

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  1. I've got a feeling if it gets any worse we'll have to run for MP ourselves!!! Who was that guy who said 'if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself...'
    You are right in saying that many people are still disengaged- the 'ignorance is bliss' syndrome.