Following up on Nasir Safar

Perkasa sticks to their guns, great.

"Now you are talking about Nasir Safar, but if you read Chinese newspapers, listen to the speeches, they are worse and look also at how DAP leaders dared to step on pictures of Malay leaders,”

Mind you, I have been reading Chinese newspapers like Sinchew, Nanyang, Daily Oriental, tabloids etc and none of them even come 200 miles close to the stupidity, provocative and ill-intention exhibited by Ibrahim Ali's idol.

Chinese newspapers should consider filing a joint suit for libel. Compensation can come in handy to defry operating expenses.

By the way, how does Ibrahim Ali come to this conclusion?

Of all places, the fler have to bark like that in a 1Malaysia event. There is a right place and a right time for something but then again there is no...what kinda politician is Nasir and I wonder how Najib picks his aide?

For any determined Malaysian woman of Chinese ancestory with or without financial issues, please check with any solicitor on the chances of successfully claiming damages from Nasir for calling her, her mother, her auntie, her sister, her sister in law, her granny, her best girl friend, her niece a WHORE. ;-P

Oh yeah, have you registered as a voter, and do you plan to vote next GE?

So Hishamuddin is opening a police file on him.

So is Perkasa going to hammer him for threatening a fellow Malay? I would support Perkasa coming out with their own GE manifesto and putting some candidates to run for poll. It would be interesting to see how they fare.

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