Now Nasir say he is sorry IF you are pissed

So Nasir apologised and in consistent UMNO apology methodology too.

“I have clarified that I did not intend to make racist remarks or insult any races. But there those who feel otherwise and I have apologised for any offence.”
Another I am sorry if you are pissed. A qualified apology the most. Clarified to who?

“I would like to again openly apologise to all Malaysians for the remarks that are seen as racist. I really did not intend it that way"

Then by all means disclose your intention and state of mind as you performed your stunt then.

So Perkasa, are you still gonna backing up a slug of a fighter now? Ibrahim Ali called him a figther.

“People like Nasir are fighters so maybe he felt he had to say it,” he added.

Some fighter, this one.

If you look at the whole thing, it is nothing but just another smokescreen. Classic create a crises and solve the crises to gain a brownie point. But this time, a smokescreen that backfired. (Forgot to coordinate with your coalition partners perhaps? Some MCA and MIC attendees I heard left the 1Malaysia thingy in a huff, maybe lots of left overs for waiters and waitresses to ta-pau)

This stupid episode coincide with Teoh Beng Hock Inquest, Sodomy II, missing jet engines that pissed off Obama, PKFTZ, rumoured power grab in Selangor, religion terrorism (that maybe just another smoke screen as well).

Is this an attempt to try and appease both side of divide by its creator? Hishammuddin spoke of the reason for allowing Friday mosque protest before our own religious terrorism was "....dangerous if emotions are suppressed...". Gosh he was not talking about sexual addiction issues then and I am not talking about this as well (best wishes to Tiger Woods and John Terry...). Was there an itch somewhere that needed a scratch? A tension that needed release by a quick dash to the public loo.....

After 50 years of BN education system and social modelling, are Malaysians coming down to this gutter level of mentality and mannerism? Were we better when TV was still black and white with P Ramlee? If yes, then BN administration is responsible and accountable for this deterioration of environment.

When one's power hold is built on untenable contradictions and inconsistencies, there would not and will not be solid foundation for nation building.

The good thing that came out of this is that at least newspaper journalists have something to write about and an easier time to meet their deadline.

This little foray has further damaged Malaysia's image in the eyes of the world. For those who are still stuck in the time warp of 30 40 years ago, I wonder if they have the presence of mind to realise what they are doing to the image, reputation and future of the nation and rakyat.

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