Government to take action on AG Report

So Najib's administration will take action eh?

".....said there were four types of action which could be taken against civil servants...."

I have read a lot of writing on the internet that civil servants do not act alone and free from instruction, consent or approval from their political masters. The Secretary in Perak DUN is a prime example and in Selcat enquiry, there were confessions that just prior to 12th GE, civil servants were under pressure to process payments as instructed by the outgoing Selangor State Assemblymen.

Therefore the above statement should read "...taken against civil servants and those whose instructions the offending civil servants obey on a customary basis..'

No point taking out the foot solders while the generals go scot free. In the Nuremberg war trial, they hung the generals and prime minister (Tojo, if you ask). For PKFTZ abomination, is Najib's administration going to be consistent and take action as well?

Taking stern action can have a positive effect but more must be done. The government must not only action on AG's report but must provide an effective and efficient channel for the public to report and action quickly taken. Whistler Blower's Act is a good start and MACC should be independent and reporting to Parliament so that it can focus on relevant investigative work.

Civil Servants must be paid well and provided with comfortable working environment so that there is less of an incentive to ask for "extras". The "iron rice bowl" must be taken away from them via stern consequences for abuse of power and corruption would make an effective combination of carrot and stick.

Finally, pass an act to confiscate ill gotten gains of corruption by civil servants and their masters. If this is not done, all the corruption officers would sit quietly in prison and come out to enjoy their ill gotten gains after a vacation.

The government should consider staff exchange between AG office and Income Tax Board as IRB officers have experience in identifying and investigating people who live beyond their means.

As a sceptic, I am folding my arms and see if there is any conviction that comes out of this as there is too much sloganeering and no action whatsoever.

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