BTN - what to do with it

It seems that after Pakatan Selangor's decision to boycott BTN courses, a long concealed and unaccounted for use of rakyat's money suddenly becomes an attention grabbing hot topic.

“This must end,” he (Najib) told those present, including Muhyiddin, Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

The Malaysian Insider understands that all of the Cabinet members who were present at the briefing, arranged by Datuk Seri Idris Jala, nodded in agreement.

As documented elsewhere, the DPM and the education minister claim that it is a programme that instill patriotism.

The CONFUSED education minister said:
“I am perplexed as to why the BTN issue is only being raised now when the courses have existed for some time now. Probably, the opposition leaders have ran out of issues or are attempting to conceal their internal crisis by diverting attention.’’

If BN camp is claiming that when DAP and PAS are bickering over the beer ban issue is a sign of gross unrest in the Pakatan Rkayat coalition, I wonder what does the contradictory statements between the President of UMNO cum Prime Minister of Malaysia and his number two means.

If the education minister is "perplexed", I have a simple solution

  • make the course contents a public document, better still, air footage of the actual course (but please not a staged one but the real deal)
  • just like the road show to explain 1Malaysia concept, conduct courses all over Malaysia open to all members of public who are interested
  • let the public decide whether the programme is good or not
    Judging by the DPM's and Hishammuddin's defence of the programme, and the fact that it does not fall under any Official Secret Acts umbrella, and it would show that Najib's administration is transparent, rakyat-friendly and able to share what it purports to be good for the nation, why not let the tax payers decide?

    Make the BTN officers' name and photos public. They are the agents for the nation's patriotism, unity and in Hishamuddin's words, "mould a progressive nation", they should be hailed as role models and should be made as famous as Siti Nurhaliza.

    After all, there is nothing sinister about BTN programme. Once and for all, we can prove, as per Hishamuddin, Pakatan is running out of issue and picking on the poor poor BTN.

    What say you?

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