2 nice photos

I have kept these 2 photos I have taken with my handset during Bagan Pinang by-election and I wonder when it would be a good occasion to share with you.

A cybertrooper came up with this gem in one of the recent posts,

Agreed. he is exactly like your grandpa thinking. I don't think he is using any mobile phone too, either prepaid or postpaid becasue we need to disclose P&C information.

Well I do have a handphone and a few lines, mind you. It is not my fault that some grandpas do not use handphones, it is their choice.

However, let us celebrate the change in the Malaysian political landscape.

These 2 Chinese aunties came to a ceramah and grabbed the DAP and PAS costume and got their family members to take photos of them. Well, until recently, I never see Chinese votes embrace PAS so readily and enthusiastically.

This is even more touching. A Terengganu Malay uncle came all the way to Port Dickson and pulled up in front of the DAP centre and enthusiastically greeted everyone and asked for a DAP flag to take home for display.

I hated to disappoint him and asked the person in charge....DAP being DAP especially DAP NS is always short of funds as they do not abuse state funds...so I paid for a DAP flag and a DAP shirt so that the uncle can return to Terengganu with his desired souvenir....

Yes UMNO won big but judging from the turn out and response at the DAP ceramah that night...I recall the trend in Ijok.

In cyberworld you do come across idiots who embarrass themselves without knowing it.

They could be Caucasian racists slamming down on Singaporeans on their Singlish or football fans who slag off each other in expletive laden and intellectually non-existence fashion.

It is a part of the risk we face when we venture into cyberworld but it is still fine as these idiots are self-finance in their quest unlike in Malaysia, tax payers' money are usually squandered.

For example, let's hope we get an answer from this:

"10. Puan Teo Nie Ching [Serdang] minta Perdana Menteri menyatakan bilangan lepasan graduan universiti yang telah diupah oleh Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas di bawah Kementerian Penerangan sebagai blogger atau "cyber-trooper" prokerajaan sepenuh masa, pendapatan bulanan setiap graduan, tempoh kontrak perkhidmatan dan kos kelengkapan komputer yang ditawarkan untuk setiap graduan."

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