One thing I do not understand is why does the Sultan of Perak not following the due process of the law. The Constitution clearly states that the MB cannot be removed just like that unless he resigns or is give a vote of no confidence. There are no other legible methods to remove the MB provided under the Constitution. Or is this interpretation of the law a grey area?

Did Najib make some of kind of arrangement with Sultan Azlan Shah? Or is the Sultan so afraid of Najib? What is a King for if he does not listen to the pleas of his people (the people want re-elections, not some auto-selected government). I'm sure by now the are no less than 4 overnight millionaire politicians in Perak?

BN is capable of bribing anyone. Which makes us taxpayers suckers. After working so hard for the money, this lousy Government burns it away for some state whack-back coup d'etat. Yes, bribery and corruption is nothing new, but when do we, or can we, stop the buck.

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