Obituary: A Wangsa Maju resident succumbs to cancer

Wangsa Maju resident Belinda Bateman, 40, succumbed to her illness last Friday, 13th Feb 2009 after a long-two-year battle with breast cancer. The Sun covers Belinda's struggle with her illness here. The Sun server is down when I am doing this blog posting, so I've decided to copy past The Sun dated (5th Feb) page here:
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Belinda, a single mother, was born with congenital arthogryposis multiplex which results in multiple joint contractures leading to deformities.  Read the run-around given by EPF and SOCSO here.
Daily prayers from 8pm onwards (45 minutes) followed by a short gathering at 105, Block B10, Section 4, Wangsa Maju. Last day of prayer will be this Wednesday, 18th Feb.


  1. the relevant officials are unsympathetic and brainless

    unless and until they suffer the same thing, they will NEVER appreciate or understand the anguish and suffering

    perhaps we should sack them and used them to replace Indo workers in construction site and replace them with people like Belinda who might still be able to work. come think of it,many ill, maimed, deformed or brain-dead may perform better than the current office bearers

    another success of the Education Ministry headed by Mahathir, Anwar and Najib where the capacity to empathize in our children are replaced by either capacity to play truant or memorised facts

    revise our education syallabus. Incorporate 10% of the marks with debate, another 10% with field work like visiting orphange, old folks home etc

    try our children to be human, not robots, or worse, bureucrats

  2. sorry educate our children to be humans, not robots, or worse, bureucrates

  3. Strangely my comment was lost when it was posted, must the change in blog format. Anyway here it is again.
    Who takes care of the needy, sick and handicapped? No the govt entirely, really, except the people. The govt is quite imposing, even when it comes to registration of orphanages. To qualify for grants, a halfway house has to fulfill the race quota as well.