Chaotic Perak

No point having long blog postings on the Perak coup because it doesn't need rocket science to read what's in the playing cards of Najib and the Perak monarchy, and what cards which have been laid out. Who cares what's being spinned out by the pro-UMNO bloggers- the outcome is simple- The Perak Sultan had betrayed the trust of his people, put a dent in democracy, and set a precedent roadmap to future BN takeover of Pakatan Rakyat states. Daulat Tuanku? You've got to be kidding me. 
Above: The famous four millionairre politicians
Picture courtesy of IamMalaysian
Above: Sultan Azlan Shah. Together with BN, the monarchy has pulled off 
the greatest political coup in the history of Malaysian politics.

Malaysian politics is a lucrative business because of the mass of wealth acquired by UMNO- on a party level and on a personal level by its Minister-members. It you can't beat them, buy them. Elected MPs earn probably about RM11K per month as basic and a couple of thousand per month as allowances. Non-BN parties are poorer because BN being a cash cow offers more side incentives for their elected members compared to Pakatan Rakyat members. Non-BN MPs are opened to multi-million offers equivalent  to or more to English soccer players; it takes a lot to resist this temptation. The enticing millions of ringgit offered by Barisan Nasional to jump party is a sure ticket to good retirement for any politician. That's why in Malaysian politics, if you really want to become a people's MP you 'll have to amass a comfortable amount of money, be very focused on your integrity and be very aware of your surroundings.

To sum it all, BN and the Sultan has no right to declare Perak a BN state and the Perak people deserve a state election. The judiciary and monarchy's gone to the dogs and Sultan Azlan Shah's decision-making process is just a good example of that.


  1. My take is different from YB

    It is still too early to judge the Sultan's decision whether it is good or bad for PR.

    The rumor mill is that His Highness is opening the door for Anwar for the takeover of the Federal Parliament through defection now that UMNo/BN has lost totally the moral ground to condemn such move.

    The Sultan action is truly out of character.

    I noted Nizar saying the Sultan quoted a verse from the quran:

    Allah is on the side of those who are patient.

    He is making Nizar take the sacrifice for the bigger prize knowing the new BN Govt will be unstable.

  2. This contrasting theory is interesting. Wish it was this way too, but somehow public sentiments on the Perak monarchy is not too good as a result of this takeover. The Malaysian people are wise people today, they arent afraid to speak up nor get easily conned by anyone.