Of Criminals and Racism

Robbed in Wangsa Maju
Recently a guy was robbed right in front of the Public Bank opposite Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju. The thief got away, but the victim recognised him somewhere outside a 7-11 store at another area in Wangsa Maju sometime later. The suspect was with an accomplice on a motorbike. A chase ensued and ended with the victim knocking down the suspects' motorbike with his car. The two suspects fled on foot but one was cornered by residents as he ran deeper in the housing area. The suspect was being bashed up as residents called up the 999 number. Since the police squad did not arrive after half an hour (the nearest police station is about 10 minutes away) some residents called up a neighbor (who is a police) who in turn called up the police station. A squad car arrived minutes later. The police pressed the bashed-up suspect for information and shortly a few other suspects were taken into custody.
By the way did anyone realise that it is a police tactic to delay response time by 30-40 minutes when a suspect is caught by members of the public, so as to allow the public to hentam the suspect a bit.
Highway car hijack
An associate of mine lost his just-bought Camry a year ago on the NKVE. The couple were on the way back from work when another Camry bumped into them from behind. As this couple alighted from their vehicle to 'settle' the matter, 4 guys emerged from the other Camry and apprehended the couple. The guy was slashed, while his wife was shuffled into their car by the two other fellows. The two cars drove off, leaving the guy victim by the road-side. For the wife, there is little guessing on the outcome. OK, the rape did not happened because she opened her car door and bailed herself out right in the middle of the highway. Both husband and wife was hospitalized for sometime, absent from work due to medical leave. Their car is not found till today.
No need to look far- even in Wangsa Maju there are numerous car hijacks and car thefts.
Crime and Malaysians
Noticed that I have omitted the race of the victims and the 'suspects'. Why is that so? Because it's a waste of time. Who cares which race committed the crime. The victims are us, any race any time. While there are demos and protests on racial grounds of Kugan the deceased car thief suspect, the fact exists there are brutal car thefts and there is that police brutality which guarantees a good bash-up on any suspect. The PDRM is stupid. The Minister of Internal Security is stupider- speaking harshly and arresting public protesters; 'investigating' the MPs who showed up at the mortuary at the request of the deceased's family will only deepen public sentiment of hatred towards the PDRM and the BN administration. And of late, conspiracy theories have cropped up on 'why' Kugan was 'murdered'. Can't blame the bloggers because they are sharp and think on the fly. If I've had my way I would not give the PDRM force another cent of increment. Who cares whether many of them are living below the poverty line. The police, as a collective whole, are failing in their jobs to protect the public.
Meanwhile the crimes are still happening and at most times the public is compelled to take the law into their own hands to protect themselves.


  1. Come on resident.wangsamaju, the police is not that cruel to let the public hentam the suspect. I can think of 2 possible reasons:

    1. the police may have collected protection money fron the suspect so t be there to apprehend him may not be so nice la. So if the police is slow in coming, at least some opportunity is given for the suspect to escape hence saving face for both parties; and

    2. come so fast! Come on, be relistic. What if the suspect is armed? Kena injured or killed for the police pay is not worth it. Best to let them off and we deal with easier tasks like arresting political aide, these are harmless fellas.

  2. Haha. Another of looking at it isn't it.