12.35pm - Update from Loong
News updates!! Apparently there were paratroopers from the air force were trying to air drop onto Dataran Merdeka but were "blown off course" by the wind.

Further confirmation that Pasar Seni is closed but Police are just monitoring the situation.

12.45pm - Updates from Loong
Huge crowd stopped at the police barrier beside Central Market. Looks like the crowd is waiting for BERSIH's leaders to arrive.

1:15pm - Updates from Loong
The calvary has arrived and they are asking the police to "BUKA PINTU" to allow them through to Dataran. Obviously this is only one of the groups and in high spirits singing OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE.. BERSIH... BERSIH!!  Another big group has joined and now they are singing BERSIH BERSIH... BUKA PINTU...

1:15pm - Updates from Malaysiakini
About 50,000 protesters are around the vicinity with 1 hour to go to the historical hour! AND COUNTING!

Pudu/Kotaraya/Petaling Street (crowd marched from KLCC) - 20,000
Pasar Seni (merged with crowd from Brickfields) - 15,000
Masjid Jamek - 10,000
TAR/Jalan Tun Perak/Jalan Parliament - 10,000
Masjid Negara - 5,000

1.00pm - From Malaysiakini
BERSIH gets more colorful with the feminine touch of BERSIH MAMAS!! Isn't that great? Bearing flowers to help "soothe" the frazzled nerves of the police force.

1:25pm - Updates from Loong
An ambulance just cut through the crowd... yet to determine where... wondering if there has been any untoward incidence up ahead, no comments nor confirmation as of now. Location of the ambulance cutting through is somewhere at Lebuh Pudu, but was turned back by the Police.... ??

1.33pm: Pasar Seni fr Malaysiakini
The police decide to abandon their blockade of the pedestrian bridge linking Pasar Seni LRT and Dayabumi. Some supporters join Pak Samad in prayer. Protestors have begun filling the bridge to get a view of the protest below. Key word is ABANDON....

14:11 Robin from JB (Taken from www.anilnetto.com)
JB Dataran Bandaraya is suddenly used for "Piala Datuk Bandar" football/netball games organized last minute yesterday to deny BERSIH gathering... utter nonsense...

Amazing... with Malaysiakini reporting an estimated 75000 people at the rally, it is as if people just popped out from no where to take to the streets and flooding the street with a sea of yellow. 

Unverified update from Loong
Still getting updates that a huge group is marching from Brickfields??? Anyone can concur? 

No further incoming updates but Malaysiakini reported tear gas being fired at crowd for breaching the barrier after the announcement of dispersal..... I am speechless.

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