I am so proud of you, Dad...

Stand-off in front of DBKL today. Pic: resident.wangsamaju
While I was busy uploading pictures and scouring the internet for news, pictures and most up to date information on BERSIH 3.0, little did I know that my dad had a little adventure of his own up north. In a way, I felt ashamed that I did not do what he did but on the other hand, I am so proud of him for what he did.

After dinner today, I decided to give my dad a call to tell him about BERSIH in KL. He has always been very passionate about politics of the country and has always preached to me about being righteous and honest in life.  In the conversation, I guess he could not contain his excitement anymore when he said, "Wait, son, I got something to tell you. I did the most exciting thing in my life. After 75 years, I picked up enough courage to attend the BERSIH in Esplanade Penang. It was scary, exciting, exhilarating and beautiful all in one... its something that I cannot explain but its how I felt." He rattled off his experience and feelings like a seven year old going to a theme park for the first time. He went on saying, "Son, I had wanted to get back home before I call you to surprise you but, I just can't wait... Penang to Kulim is too far away for me to wait till I get back home! and since you called...."

Dad, I have been very proud of you as my dad and friend. Today, you have made me feel that you cared for not only me but your grandchildren's future as well in this country. You sat and protested because you are convicted and cared enough to fight for the future of this country even though you are in your twilight years. It would not have mattered to you what happened to Malaysia in the next 20 years... but you have the foresight to fight for continued existence of Malaysia for generations to come. Thank you dad..

This piece of dedication is not only for my dad, but for all the other dads and mums that sacrificed their Saturday and to subject themselves to potential abuse by way of tear gas, chemical laced water cannon and even physical harm by the tyranical police force. I am proud of you all and the thousands that took to the street today. Whatever comes next, would be an even greater storm which unless we face it as a United race of Malaysia or we can probably kiss goodbye to a future Malaysia for our next generation.

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