Many Malaysians from around the globe will congregate in various locations around the world tomorrow for a cause to save our nation from further tyranny, corruption and various malpractices through the demands for clean and fair election.

Many stand firm in their desire of wanting to see a clean and fair elections while many are also apathetic about the effects and repercussion of election malpractices that has plagued our nation for many many elections.

How many Malaysians would gather is anybody's guess, but from the murmurs and rumblings that I hear from around me wherever I go, it is going to be the biggest yet. Still many apathetic Malaysians believe that the demonstration would bring chaos to the country... would cause property destruction... would cause unrest and loss of business to the businesses around the city. I would just like to ask these folks one thing... when you are sick, you go to the doctor and you would pour your heart out on all the pain and discomfort the illness is causing you and you would ask and seek the doctor's remedy to your predicament. Yet, when something ails the very country they are living in, they would not seek out the doctor nor let out their pain be heard and sit at home quietly wallowing in their pain and hoping that the pain would go away. I really wonder how can they live their lives when one day their children or grandchildren were to ask them, "Grandpa/Grandma... why didn't you do anything during your time to make my life bearable today? Why did you not walk with the people then when there were many of you to fight for a better future??" I wonder what will they say or feel then....

To these people, I call upon you all, to think of one thing, your children's future. I care enough to want my children to still have Malaysia to call their home when they have their families. I want my grandchildren to still have Malaysia as their country when they have their families. 

To all the attendees of BERSIH 3.0, my reminder is be civil and do not be provoked nor provoke the authorities. I know you brave guys and girls are more matured and civil than our government think you are. Let us prove to them that we mean business by SITTING DOWN!

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