Feeling excluded at home

I wish to, in order to avoid being misquoted by anyone who bother to waste time over it, categorically state that I am all for positive racism. I am from Negeri Sembilan and my parents were born in NSDK as well. If anyone ask me to balik tongsan, I'll head back to Seremban because that is the only tongsan I know.

In the earlier blog post, I wrote that:-

" I am all for special programmes tailored to the needs of different races. Chinese don’t have the same problems as Indians who also don’t have the same problems with Malays. We can have special programmes for particular segment of the society and also have nation-wide, homogenous programmes for all. "

Najib's/APCO's slogan of 1Malaysia is the fundamental nugget on which the New Economic Model is built on.

Inclusiveness is a big word. After more than 5 decades of communal politics, siege mentality and 'us & them' orientation of nation building, how do we heal the nation's wound?

Economic term-wise, NEM stated that one is entitled to affirmative action as long as one belongs to the low income 40% of household.

Chapter 6 of NEM's concluding part stated that

"Households in the bottom 40% have an income of less than RM2,300 per month with a mean income of RM1,440. Income has risen over time. Whereas in 1990 60.6% of households had income below RM999, by 2009 this had fallen to 7.4% of households. 73% of the bottom 40% are bumiputera households. "

Ok fine. No problem with such findings. I believe disadvantaged people should be assisted regardless of race. I also believe communal base aid groups can co-exist together with national and other communal base aid groups and they are specialist in tackling specific issues hence it is fine to have Malay Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Bajau Chamber of Commerce, KadazanDusun ... you get the drift.

However, the niche target groups should be made clear and transparent from the onset and avoid confusion to the public. Same concept as male toilets are for male and female toilets are for female.

I drop into the State Economy Development Agency of my home state, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri, Negeri Sembilan to see how the disadvantaged can be assisted.



– "....melahirkan usahawan ICT di kalangan Bumiputra yang berwibawa di Negeri Sembilan....."



Pada tahun 1991 satu lagi program telah diwujudkan dibawah bahagian perdagangan ialah pembelian premis perniagaan dan medan selera di Terminal One Seremban bernilai RM4.49 juta melalui program pembelian oleh Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi (MECD). Melalui program ini MECD telah membeli 9 lot ruang niaga dan 16 unit medan selera di pusat membeli belah Terminal One Seremban dan disewakan khusus untuk usahawan bumiputera. Kadar sewa yang dikenakan adalah pada kadar RM3.50 sekaki persegi dan caj penyelenggaraan pada kadar RM1.00 kaki persegi. Sehingga kini kesemua lot ruangniaga telah disewakan kecuali lot medan selera masih terdapat 6 lot yang masih kosong.

so why not open up to non-bumiputra who are also in need of aid if vacant since before Y2K and the last time Liverpool were English league champions?



....... Pengeluaran produk makanan adalah berdasarkan konsep “anchor” dan “vendor”. “Anchor” memainkan peranan sebagai orang tengah dalam mencari pasaran bagi produk – produk yang dikeluarkan dan memasarkan produk – produk tersebut. “Vendor” pula terlibat dalam menghasilkan produk – produk yang akan dipasarkan dan menjual produk – produk tersebut kepada “anchor” seperti yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak PKNNS. Pihak PKNNS akan memastikan bahawa bahan – bahan mentah yang cukup dibekalkan kepada “vendor” supaya dapat menghasilkan produk – produk yang berkualiti dan dalam masa yang ditetapkan

......melibatkan tiga agensi utama iaitu MIDF selaku pemaju, MARA selaku pembiaya dan syarikat Muslim Best Food Industries Sdn Bhd selaku syarikat anchor.


I am not against the above scheme, in fact I think if implemented properly, it can solve a of problems for a lot of people. However I wonder:

1) should these schemes be placed under a bumiputra aid agency to avoid confusion?

PKNNS by its name suggest it oversee entire matters of the state hence

2) is PKNNS going against its own name by excluding the non-bumuputra community who at least made up of the remaining 27% of the 40% low income group?

3) is there any scheme available for non-bumiputra communities from PKNNS?

According to its balance sheet audited by Jabatan Audit Negara, as at 31 December 2009, PKNNS is financed by RM6,219,271 (2008: RM16,617,428) of federal government loan. This suggest all Malaysian tax payers have contributed to PKNNS's source of funds and we should wonder if PKNNS is channelling back the funds in an equitable manner in accordance with Najib's/APCO's 1Malaysia concept.

MCA has yet to reply in my blog post on this matter, "Another Scholarship Crises for MCA to Yelp at"despite the enthusiastic invitation of this commentator datuk tanah, November 29, 2010 19:48:49

Sigh, in the course of writing this blog post and the one above, I do wonder if there is a place where I can call it a true comfort zone that I can wholly belong.

I can only recall the words from a certain John Rambo. The colonel asked him during a short lull of mayhem, "what do you want, John?" Rambo's reply was, "what I want is my country to love me as much as I love my country."

I guess that will do for me too.


  1. http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/from-around-the-blogs/36558-feeling-excluded-at-home#comments

    written by Nixcloud, December 10, 2010 18:28:11

    it's alright to say 'balik tongsan' ~ try saying "balik keling" the mamak...
    +2 ...
    written by eloofk, December 10, 2010 14:23:08

    My parents and i were borned in Malacca and i left my hometown to seek my fortune down south during the mid 70's. I have been commuting between Singapore and Johor Bahru where my wife and children have been residing since. Lately, the Singapore government has been very kind and generous to see that i have been contributing towards their economy and granted me a Permanent Residence status to reside in their country state and also my 3 children have the opportunities to study at their institutions of higher learning and one of them had won a scholarship to read for her Master in economics.

    If there are opportunities available for my children to better their future, we may have to decide to uproot ourselves and say bye bye to our far-sighted government who instead of trying to prevent the lost of local talents, are chasing away our local talents to other countries who are willing to take them in without hesitation.

    What's the use of spending millions of ringgit to set up the Talents Corporation to lure our talents back when policies are formulated contrary to one another!! Would it be a success?? Only time will tell!
    +14 ...
    written by batsman, December 10, 2010 13:08:41

    Ketuanan Melayu types dominate the public service. You guys don't stand a chance to receive anything but "balik tongsan" taunts. heeheehee
    +8 ...
    written by syd, December 10, 2010 11:38:31

    In the good old days, we all used to joke about "balik kampung" and nobody even raise an eye brow.

  2. Sigh- I wish I'd balik tongsan earlier.

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