Another scholarship crises for MCA to yelp at

So MCA has been blasting Yayasan Selangor over only 12 chinese students getting scholarship from Yayasan Selangor.


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 — MCA’s Datuk Ti Lian Ker rebuked Teresa Kok today for accusing his party of misleading the public over the low number of Chinese students receiving aid from Selangor’s education fund.

MCA leaders, including Ti, had accused the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government of dispensing aid from the education fund to “only 12 Chinese students out of 4,000 applicants”.


Ok, since MCA kicked off the game, I suppose I can only do a bit of benchmarking here.

Which brings me to Yayasan Negeri Sembilan.

YNS has stated this as their objective:
Tujuan penubuhan Yayasan Negeri Sembilan adalah bagi membolehkan Yayasan Negeri Sembilan menjalankan aktiviti sosial dan ekonomi terutama dalam aktiviti menaja dan memajukan peluang mendapat pendidikan di kalangan rakyat Negeri Sembilan melalui pinjaman pendidikan, biasiswa dan bantuan kewangan.
Great, wonderful, no race orientated remark like Perkasa, BTN or Siti Inshah brigade. Now let's look at the application.

The full list is available at:

According to the latest list of successful loan applicants for Jan - June 2010, of the 274, there were 7 Indians (2.6%), 2 Chinese (0.8%) and the rest, 265 (96.6%) are Malays.

Note: successful Indian applicants are listed as number 40, 43, 46, 227, 234, 258 and 255 while the 2 successful Chinese applicants are 44 and 264

Hello MCA, any comments?


  1. great effort! MCA, padan muka.

  2. Chua Soiled Leak11/29/2010 03:02:00 PM

    Bloody stupig MC Anjings, bark bark no bite one!


    written by nanyangren, November 29, 2010 20:27:39

    F**kING MCA - what about federal scholarship and overseas scholarships....?

    You are the political prostitute of the worst kind - enriching yourself at the expense of your own community.
    +2 ...
    written by fortycent, November 29, 2010 20:23:04

    answer lah mca b***
    +2 ...
    written by datuk tanah, November 29, 2010 19:48:49


    Hey you anjing! Would you now care to comment on the scholarships awarded to the Chinese in the YNS case? Put your money where your mouth is. MCA is reeling with this exposition.
    +4 ...
    written by kevinD, November 29, 2010 18:00:35

    Vote BN lagi lah !!!!!!
    +6 ...
    written by emastulen, November 29, 2010 12:38:30

    What do you expect these traitorous Chinese dogs to do? Do you think they dare to bark at their master Umno? All they know is to do the bidding of their master and bark bark bark to please Umno. MCA is a party for self interested individuals only and have no intention to help the community. How can we respect a party that have a pornstar as president. They have no moral values and they should stop clowning around and think that the Chinese community are stupid not to see through their acts. MCA will meet their demise come GE13.
    +40 ...
    written by Aria, November 29, 2010 12:35:32

    If we go by meritocracy then the real figures would be 250 Chinese, 20 Indians and 7Malays. This is what UMNO is using to scare the Malays. The Indians will still be better off, but the Malays are screwed.

    The government can intervene, by not giving scholarships to anyone, rather give loans to everyone who needs it to study and give University Education to everyone who gets the grade. That way nobody gets deprived of an education. That is what a government who really cares about all its people will do. Bodoh racist UMNO.
    +30 ...
    written by syd, November 29, 2010 12:33:11

    The nons have no faith anymore applying for anything that are related to the govenrment, including state agencies.

  4. should email a copy to MCA leaders..

  5. Make Chinese Angry..somemore....