Is this vote buying?

No funds for Opposition MPs
Friday, 10 December 2010 Super Admin

The full text of the article is pasted below and open up the current deputy prime minister and potential prime minister for public scrutiny.

My 2 cents worth is:

1) it's to hell with Najib's/APCO's 1Malaysia Rakyat Diutamakan Concept

2) the DPM has demonstrated his lack of intellectual capability by failing to note that all rakyat pay taxes hence going by his logic, people in opposition area should not be paying taxes too

3) he is openly and publicly admitting that he is ignoring his duty as the nation's second top administrator by marginalising the people in opposition areas in which contains many malays as well. How to reconcile this with his membela nasib melayu stance?
4) is this a thinly veil vote buying threat? no vote no money? would MACC and SPR want to study this situation?

5) does the DPM dare to reduce his salary by the percentage of PR area / BN area? Please take a 1/3 paycut, eh deputy?

ok, Malaysians, would you like an intimidator to lead the nation?

Won't be too surprise if some wise guy come up with something like this.........


The Star) - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has shot down a request that the Federal Government extend development funds to Opposition MPs.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the funds were only meant for small projects in Barisan Nasional MP’s constituencies.

“They use it to finance small projects, like roads.

“It is only allocated to Govern­ment MPs ... the Barisan MPs,” he said in a press con­ference after open­ing the 36th annual general con­f­erence of the Penin­sular Malaysia Fede­ration of Peng­hulu and Peng­g­awa here yesterday.

He said providing the funds to Barisan MPs had been a practice of the Federal Government and there was no intention to extend it to Opposition MPs.

Muhyiddin was respon­ding to a request from Selangor Exco Dr Yaakob Safari that the allo­cation be given to Opposition MPs as well.

Dr Yaakob, who was representing Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim at the function, said Opposition MPs should also enjoy the allocation as they were elected by the people.

“I would like to ask the Deputy Prime Minister to bring this matter to the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Federal Government should be fair in its treatment including extending the allocation to all states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat,” he said when reading Khalid’s speech.

At this juncture, the delegates, numbering about 300, started to jeer Dr Yaakob.

He however continued reading from his text which criticised the Federal Government including the formation of the village security and development committee.

Muhyiddin said the Federal Government continued to channel development allocations to states that it lost in the 2008 General Election.

Selangor, for example, though it is already a developed state, the Federal Government still provides allocations.

“That is why we have Datuk Ghani (Salleh, Federal Secretary in Selangor) here to ensure the money is spent properly.

“The important thing is the rakyat benefits from the funds.

“If we channel it to the Mentri Besar, I wonder how he would spend it,” Muhyiddin said.


  1. At least this Menteri Besar wouldn't use the money to build mansions in low-cost areas and bungalows in Janda Baik!

    I trust this MB more than the previous MS

  2. then register as a voter. dont just talk pauline.


  3. You can't do this DPM. The money is not yours to disburse as you like. Oppsosition MPs are entitled also to the money you are dishing out as it belongs to the people and not to the government of the day.What you are doing is bribery and threat.Don't take the rakyat lightly because they can strike back and strike back they will.


    written by Badaksumbu, December 13, 2010 21:23:43

    Agreed. Let us join this project.
    +0 ...

    written by Sabahfan, December 13, 2010 20:19:02

    Yes, I would like to join forces with all those who wish to sent similar letters to IRB.

    The amount of taxes I have been forced to pay to this corrupted governent is


    1. enought to seal and improve all the roads in my district

    2. Built proper two lain bridges across two rivers..

    3. built an old folks home for myself and several others in my village..

    he he he he
    +4 ...

    written by mikewang, December 13, 2010 19:51:26

    He is asking you to help him so that he may continue to steal from you.
    So if you help him, you are mortgaging the future of your children to those thieves.
    +3 ...

    written by Eskay345, December 13, 2010 17:16:05

    A very fine example of the type of politicians that our country has. No wonder S'pore leaders remarked that our politicians are incompetent and opportunistic.
    +14 ...

    written by aryn, December 13, 2010 16:30:55

    I second this! Hahaha

    +18 ...

    written by whlau, December 13, 2010 16:05:15

    Maybe all disgruntled taxpayers should get permission from Lee Ah Kau to use his letter as a template and swamp the IRB with this demand. Let's put the pressure on and see how the DPM answers this.
    This just goes to show the kind of DPM we have in this country. No wonder our neighbour says we don't have competent ministers!
    +34 ...

    written by eloofk, December 13, 2010 13:20:04

    "You help Me, I help You!"
    "You dont Help Me, I Wont Help You!"
    +64 ...

    written by Merdeka, December 13, 2010 12:43:00

    I don't wish to repeat what Najib said in Sibu by election. It is very ugly statement.

  5. @whlau, aryn, sabahfan

    Lee Ah Kau informed me that he is more than happy for u to write this letter ...why, he even offer to help u guys write....


  6. Just goes to show the calibre of our senior govt servants and the DPM is a govt servant, is he not? What he said is outright blackmail in brought daylight. He should be ashamed. We are all ashamed . And this is the DPM for all Malaysians? So Wikileaks disclosure is proven right - we have a bunch of incompetent and corrupted govt officials.

    I am a registered voter and so r my family and friends. We know who to vote out!


  7. correction from gingertea - should be broad daylight.

  8. Politicians like our DPM and others like him often think that it is the government's money that they spend - hey, it is the people's money and every cent must be accountable! But don't hold your breath that this third world mentality will change in the near future!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Andrew, Gingertea, Pauline

    bravo to all of you....let's do what right minded citizens should do

  11. I agree with Mr Lee Ah Kaw. Our MP for Sungai Siput has file a court case against the Government for refusal of allocation to him as the opposition MP who ousted Semi Value. I suggest all PR MP's file case against the government as what YB Dr.Jayakumar has done.

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