Najib says everyone should contribute to Transformation

Najib says on 19th Sept 2010:

"I want to see a Malaysia where everyone will have their rightful place under the sun."
"We have to ensure that systems are fair and every single Malaysian can recognise his or her own value."
"In the multi-religious cultural context, diversity also means we recognise the strength of each community."
"Inclusive means we have to make sure that our policies benefit all Malaysians, we have to ensure that the system is fair, we have to ensure that every single Malaysian can realise their potential talent to the maximum, and inclusive within the context of 1Malaysia also means that we can take it up even further at a strategic level,"

Whilst while I support the 1Malaysia idea, I do not see any of the above points materializing into action just as yet. 1Malaysia is becoming a farce slogan like Mahathir's "Malaysia Boleh". In fact the country is under more racist onslaught than ever in the blogs and the mainstream media. Dailies such as Utusan Malaysia and blogsites under ParpuKari, Mahaguru, Ridzuan Tee should be made illegal- if Najib means what he says, this is the first easiest task to carry out.

This financial year, my achievement is successfully keeping a few dozen jobs in Malaysia which could have otherwise went to India or China. Also, we have managed to make a few million ringgit for our country. But what  do I get in return from my country?

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