Lee Lam Thye's off-the-mark comments

"...brutality, revenge and outright cruelty were becoming a norm in many of  our movies and dramas which feature brutal killings and grisly murders...."- Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

When I saw Lee Lam Thye's comments in the news yesterday- I really tried hard to recall which "violent" movie or movies could have provoked the suspects to do such a nasty act on Datuk Sosilawati and her friends.

This is more of art imitating life, and not vice versa right. The root cause of the killings is greed, and not movies?

However, I can think of few movies or TV shows which had lots of revenge plots and their characters brutally killed; some killed over and over again 'cos they wouldn't die:

I remember years back every 'violent' act in every movie was censored- up to the point of the viewer loosing continuity of the plot. Tan Sri Lee- you aren't gonna put us through this again are you. Can you check the rising costs of cinema tickets instead.

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