Hospital prefect - I am choking!



The Seremban Branch for MCA announced the names of the 12 voter registration personnel and 6 "prefects" at hospital to provide assistance to people having issues at hospitals


I nearly choked on my Milo this morning reading this. Reading those stories about incompetence and insensitivity of our medical staff who I wonder whether they should be there in the first place, already made my blood boil over the years

Remember Lai Yok Shan? Just the 1 of the many.

We have had Malaysians operated wrongly or had something left inside their bodies after an operation etc.

I do not know if this is a damning indictment of the state of health care system in Malaysia after years of misdirected social re engineering efforts or the way politics are played out amid clueless, mindless, fearful, choice less Malaysians

I written before that social re-engineering and wealth redistribution is one matter but making life and death appointment via selecting the right candidates to assume vital and important roles in medical care, be it doctors, surgeons, nurses, cleaners etc in hospital is different and sacred enough to go above that!

Don't talk about his rights or her rights when the individual is sick, suffering and being treated wrongly or not treated at all.

I hold BN administration responsible for the environment we live in and if BN's own people have to send out prefects to help people to get their messages across or seek remedy in a hospital, it is an admission of failure of the education and administration systems that has been under their care for more than half a century.

I consider it a disgrace and insult, if I am a medical professional and the needy who I am suppose to care for, require some other laymen to fight for their rights to get what I am remunerated to do anyway.

Those who can afford to be ripped off by expensive and service oriented private hospitals, and those who can barely afford and left with manageable debts, perhaps have choice. For the majority, since only 15% among us can pay taxes in the economic environment created by BN administration, perhaps will not have a choice.

I am frankly fed up of "create a problem and see, I solved the problem so vote me please" kind of sick game. I prefer the "right first time" or "having a properly working system in the first place" approach.

As the speculation for GE commence to simmer, gosh, the politic maneuvering have reached place of worship and now even hospital. Do we not have a limit?

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