Lee Kuan Yew on Racial Matters in Singapore

Check out The NST's (Singapore) publication of LKY's speech at the Singapore Parliament recently. The link is here. Mentor Minister Lee gives a very down-to-earth and realistic viewpoint on race relations, which is radically different and from what led to the Malaysia-Singapore separation in 1965. Also please checkout diverse readers' comments on the same article, here. The readers strike a good point on the difference between 'fair' and being 'equal'.

Check out the You Tube videos here and here.

Sheer bravado and hard work for nation-building? I think this is one element that's missing from the typical Malaysian who spends his or her time mostly worrying about racial 'fairness' or 'equality'.

Every Malaysian should look at themselves in the mirror every morning and ask what they can do for their country and not ask what the country can do for them (phrase from John F. Kennedy).

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