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Rohaizat saddened by unfulfilled vows of Chinese support

Take 2 after the DPM's "ungrateful Chinese" comment, now there is a new label "renegade on promises"?

"...hinted that one of the factors that could have caused his defeat was the “failure of the Chinese community to fulfill their promises of support...."

ok, as a campaigning politicians, you should know that voters are not bind to verbal promises after you met them as chances are your opponents will come in later to charm them as well.

As for reason of lack of Chinese support, the wise words are a bit more restrained...

“It's premature for me to give any reasons now,” he added."

"BN have tried to depict their election rival PAS as a threat to the Chinese by using sensitive issues like the pig abbatoir closure in Kedah and beer sale issue in Selangor against the Islamist party."

Let me offer my speak at the turn answer for the above. 2 names : Teoh Beng Hock and Awang Selamat (interchangeably with Utusan Malaysia). No further words needed.

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  1. Why must race always be used in their political agenda? This shows that there will never truly be a bond for all races for a One Malaysia. Old story, sudah tektik lama dah - please use something more tangible & stop playing the racial card.

    Good blog, LWT.