The fate of 3 helpful witnesses

My friend recently got in a cab in KLIA and had the misfortune to catch a 70 year old cabbie in a foul mood. What he told my friend that got to me can be unprintable but he did mention a point that I find pertinent.

"When we read newspapers" he said, "read many stories and try to link them together to see what's developing."

Can't disagree with him. I got off my lazy ass, plow through some newspaper and decided to look at the fate of 3 helpful Malaysians in aid of the Malaysian legal process.

The first chap is Mr. Teoh Beng Hock. MACC officially declared that he is or was a witness in their probe and it is not of MACC's interest that he is dead. Well dead he is and he died in MACC premises. If this is how MACC treats helpful witness, then they are literally killing off their sources of information.

The second chap is Mr. Wong Chuan How, PA to YB Ronnie Liu. According to reports in Chinese newspapers, Mr. Wong received request for evidence from MACC. He duly prepared the relevant documents and waited at his service centre yesterday (Friday).

MACC officers arrive at 9am (bravo, a bunch of motivated civil servants for a change). 5 officers (a number considered necessary in MACC's SOP to confront one 50 year old man, I suppose?) went up to the office and requested Mr. Wong to follow them back to Putrajaya. Mr. Wong decided to follow Selangor Menteri Besar's instruction to get his lawyer to accompany him to the MACC office and in this case, it was YB Cha Kee Chin, ADUN for Bukit Kepayang.

In YB Cha's words, "Wong was very co-operative, had all the documents prepared and waited 'respectfully' in the location and at the time as instructed by MACC."

Mr. Wong wanted to lodge a report at Sungai Pelek Police Station before going to Putrajaya. A bit tedious but given what happen to Mr. Teoh and MB's advice, it sounds prudent and orderly to me. Anyway the MACC officers agreed with this.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Wong walked out of the office, the 3 officers who waited outside his office proceeded to grab him and in the ensuing struggle, injured Mr. Wong.

Here are some photos that Utusan Malaysia missed out:

We all know the value of co-workers communicating properly at work but the above is just SNAFU (Situation Normal All F...... Up)

I suppose if you are in the wrong you apologise but what did MACC do? Instead of fruit basket and flowers to hospitals, they upgrade Mr. Wong's status from being a witness to a suspect as according to the Star today, "MACC director of investigation Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdull confirmed Mr. Wong's arrest".

Er...pardon my ignorance, a suspect would run when he sees the law, and not prepare evidence to incriminate himself, right?

The third chap is a certain Dr. Khairul. He is so certain and helpful in offering his professional judgement and conclusion that he voluntarily demonstrated in THAT inquiry how a sleepy Teoh Beng Hock could have opened up a window, wiggled and squeezed himself out out a window so that he could kill himself over RM2,400 on the day before his marriage registration.

However, the ever helpful doctor did acknowledge that there were no finger prints or shoe marks at the window where Teoh, who may have issues with committement as lamented in so many female magazine artles about men and committement, probably decided death was preferable to changing diapers and hearing the same woman nagging for decades to come.

I have 1 conclusion. I remember there was a talk about having a Witness Protection Act to be enacted. I suppose given the inconsistency with the 3 stories above, WPA is certain relevant and reliable. Cornerstone to a just society is built on many things such as sound laws being enacted, consistent, fair and swfit application of law as well as safety of witness who willingly come forward at their expense to make Malaysia a better and safer place to live in.

It is time we respect willing witnesses, guarantee them safety and dignity to work towards what Islam also advocates, Justice.


  1. He go and struggle like a mad pig for what? i saw the clip. MACC went to arrest him and he resisted arrest. Wiggling and jumping like a monkey. They went easy on him. If this was USA, he would have been tazered.

  2. ok, anom. can you please let me have the link to the clip?

    by the way, how come you are so familiar with the arrest procedures in the US and what does the word "tazered" mean? I can't seem to find it in Oxford Dictionary

    By the way, are you the RM3,000 per month brigade member?

  3. by the way, Anom, are you saying that it is acceptable for MACC to injure people in the process of making an arrest? Are you openly condoning MACC officials exerting excessive force?

    one thing the public was never enlightened is the qualifications required for being a MACC officials. what basic aptitude and training that these people have gone through to ensure they are fit for purpose?

    even when PDRM make arrest, unleast faced with armed robbers and violent suspect, they are not suppose to exert significant force until an injury like that happens.....

    If you look at Kasitah who was acquitted last week, he was unharm whatsoever despite the much larger amount involved?

  4. Hi Anonm,

    Can you also see Wong's point that he was informed that he was wanted as a witness. Is there a need to handcuff him ?

    Under the law, when you are a witness, you need just to report for the interrogation process and this is what Mr. Wong did anyway. He has his right to not being embarassed. The MACC officers have a political agenda on their ass.

    The MACC officers cannot arrest a witness. This is very clear cut under the law.

  5. Hahaha! Yer been swamped by UMNO CTs, bro.

    Btw Google 'Sujatha' and you'll find Khairul's name on the May'09 inquest as well.

    Prolific forensic consultant this fler is.

  6. Wouldn't bet on cowboy town's witness protection act, yikes. In this country 'swift' application of the law has been taken to new heights. Yikes again.

  7. Shar,
    Not only UMNO, but there was a surge of hits from LHDN servers googling the author's namesake as well lately.

  8. lol.. tazered pun taktau kaa.. itu pistol laaa... haiyaa... tazer or taser .. tarak ingat laa.. something like that laa itu bunyi nyaa apek..

  9. itu pistol kasi karan punyaa.. ada tau kaa..

  10. shar, let them visit and leave their mark and I do not need to point out the level of ignorance or deficiency in them.

    Tell tale sign of a CT is
    1) emotional and irrelevant arguments;
    2) wishy washy logic and point of view;
    3) baseless accusations;
    4) unable to support arguments with facts - look at the above coward, can't provide me the link as requested whereas my article was supported by newspaper snippets;
    5) substituting logic and reasons with slurs and insults;

    and the list goes on.

    I suppose it is an honour to be on their radar....

    oh takes for the tip, now I know what DrK's occupation is!

    RWM, I am waiting for my refund :-)

  11. haha.."thanks for the tip", typo....