A note on the Selangor State Government

Politics and state management is a learning process. Many people have not done it before. If one fails now, it doesn't mean one will fail in future. PR has a lot to learn still. Temptation lurks in every corner. And often, it is difficult to distinguish what are facts and what is perception.

I applaud every commenter who has and who will place their thoughts here, and elsewhere, on this subject matter, because 'good' comments or 'bad' comments, it shows everyone is in an engaged state.

You must remember, we power this country and not the other way around. Many of us here did decide, in 2008, whom was to run Selangor. We decided on accountability and transparency in good faith, but sometimes things do not run as expected.

But it's ok. Even if the scenario doesn't look good now; this is check and balance in action, something we all sought for when we went to the ballot box in 2008. Check and balance doesn't mean looking good all the time, unlike how we are groomed to think otherwise for the last 50 years. When things are wrong we need to fix it and not sweep it under the carpet.

Even if PR doesn't look good now so what. Check and balance is our code as rakyat and we live by it.

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