Cops probe report against Exco member with "underworld connections"

Maria J.Dass
The Sun

SHAH ALAM (July 16, 2009) : Police have begun investigations into reports against a Selangor executive council (exco) member following allegations that his office was being used as a base by underworld figures to conduct their activities.

Wangsa Maju PKR parliamentarian Wee Choo Keong, who made the allegations in a July 11 blog posting, was today questioned for two-and-a-half-hours by officers from the D7 (Anti-vice and gaming division) of the Selangor Police Contigent headquarters here.

Emerging from the building he told reporters that he was interviewed by two officers who recorded his statement and collected all documents relating to his allegations against the executive councillor.

At a press conference later Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said investigations were being conducted under Section 233 of the Multimedia Act.

"The Commercial Crimes Department and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) have been tasked to work on this case," he said.

Asked why Wee was questioned by D7 officers, he said the Section 233 of the Multimedia Act allows the police to initiate investigations which are now being conducted by the CID and Commercial Crimes Investigations Department, but the case will be reclassified if the need arises.

"We will be calling more witnesses," said Abdul Khalid.

Wee told reporters that he had named the exco involved when he gave his statement to the police.

"I have given them all the relevant documents," he said but would not confirm if these included picture and videos.

"It is best you ask the police about this," Wee said, while declining to reveal the identity of the exco.

He said he had given a few names of informants and complainants to the police and they may be called in soon to provide more leads into the case.

Wee said he had been "advised" by friends not to play with fire (by raising the allegations against a fellow Pakatan Rakyat politician) but said these were risks that politicians had to take.

Asked about DAP's Selangor exco for local authorities and research and development Ronnie Liu’s challenge to him to ‘be a man’ and name the person concerned, Wee said: "Don’t push me too hard, I am a man that’s why I’m here speaking to the police."

"Why is he worried? I never named him and the other eight excos have not said anything either," he added.

Meanwhile, Liu at a press conference earlier said that he was ready face any interrogation from the police and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) pertaining to the allegations.

"What do I have to be afraid of, I am ready if they come, I have not done anything wrong so what do I have to be afraid of?" he told reporters.

He said he had yet to be contacted by the police or MACC officers on the matter.

"I have not taken any commissions, and all the expenditure of my allocations are stated in my blog-," Liu said.

"I am very transparent," he added.

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