The blog that Najib reads

This is one of the most vain, disgraceful and worst blog-whoring piece I have ever written; hang my head in absolute shame! I hope my mother don't read this!

I think I have stumbled upon a blog that our dear bold, innovative and hard working Prime Minister reads and pick ideas from.

See the similarities?

PM said:

Najib: Acceptance, not mere tolerance, vital
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 09:36

"The concept, based on three thrusts, starts with the question of acceptance or mutual respect we should have for one another. All this while, we have been saying we tolerate each other but to me, tolerance is the minimum and not whole-heartedly accepted."

Najib said acceptance was a balanced concept for the country's society. "If we plural and diversified can accept this as a reality, we will see diversity and the different races as an asset, not liability."

Humble me wrote:

Saturday, March 14, 2009
I am all for positive racism

One of the best phases I have heard while working in multi-national corporations is “Diversification and Inclusion”. People from different countries, religious background, sexual orientation, and cultural upbringing are not to be discriminated on these basis. Mutual respect and acceptance is the call of the day. I would add that for our society, inter-racial “tolerance” is a bit on the negative side. I prefer the words “accommodation” and “acceptance”. We should celebrate the diversity and richness of our culture. Malaysia can attract English and Chinese speaking investors and tourists, or Middle East investors with citizens who can interact better with them.

PM said:

Published: Tuesday June 30, 2009 MYT 11:34:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday June 30, 2009 MYT 4:22:25 PM
PM announces slew of liberalisation measures (Update 2)

8. But let me assure you, that making this transition to a high income economy for the future of our country has become my key priority. My government’s policies and priorities will be driven by this overall objective. The concept of 1Malaysia that I have propagated is meant to get all Malaysians to work as one team in order to achieve one goal and that is towards a developed nation by 2020. I have set in motion, efforts to formulate a new economic model, which will be base on innovation, creativity and high value, to lift us into the ranks of a high income nation within the decade. Our new economic model is intended to shift our reliance from a manufacturing base dependent on semi skilled and low cost labour to one that hinges on a high technology and modern services sector dependent upon skilled and highly paid architecture and intensifying competitive pressures arising from dramatic changes in the global economy.

Humble me wrote:

Monday, March 9, 2009
Livelihood of yours and mind (2): earning capacity and distribution of income in Malaysia
By Lee Wee Tak at 3:33 PM

We need to create jobs that people are willing to pay top dollars for. We need to attract, facilitate and encourage businesses that generate high revenue and profits. We need to have sufficient qualified and talented people regardless of race, religion, sex and cultural background to fill post or if not, allow foreign talents to come in and provide learning opportunities to locals.

Malaysia is still heavily leaned towards labour intensive manufacturing activities. Not only this command a lower share of the value added within the supply chain, we ended up propping up the disposable income of households in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and God knows where else! Mahathir’s attempt to create our own Silicon Valley has given us a misguided housing development project instead.

Changi Airports are filled with Caucasians, Japanese, Koreans and who have you that looked like high- powered business executives. In KLIA, we have high numbers of Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese, Burmese and who have you lining up patiently to be herbed to plantation, construction sites, factories or secondary forests.

Yeah, sure, great men think alike and lightening do strike twice! I rest my case.

Can anyone advise me whether I should charge a fee? :-)


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