No more petrol price increase?

A couple of mornings ago on the way to work I heard the news on the radio stating that originally Malaysians are supposed to pay RM3.45 a litre. Then we have a wonderful reassurance from our beloved 'flip-flop' PM stating that they will not increase the price of petrol this year.

This worries me even more because 'flip-flop' PM is famous for doing the exact opposite of what he pledges. So if he promises not to increase petrol price anymore, you know what's going to happen...

Remember back in 2004 when he came into power with a whopping mandate and promised us to eradicate corruption? Nope, corruption got more rampant till the extent it was so obvious. The Chinese have a saying which translates into something like 'if you're going to eat, at least wipe your mouth clean'. Well i think BN have smudges up to their eyebrows.

And remember when he told us he wanted to fight rising crime rates? Well as far as I know, that didn't go very well. In fact now with the rising petrol price, I'm almost scared to step out of my house because it seems people do not even have enough money to buy food anymore. Well at least now I won't have to worry about my car getting stolen since everyone will be looking to conserve petrol.

Oh, and remember when he said that BN will get a confident landslide victory again during the 12th GE? HMM...wonder what happened then? Oh, and then he promised not to disband parliament, but he did. And also to step down, but he didn't.

The list just goes on and on and on....

Now most people I know, who given their education level, IQ competence and aptitude should be making it big...are stuck with either getting an extra part-time job for income or cutting back cost because, we have lost our competence, we are not moving forward and we have to deal with higher cost of living.

So, if marching in protest is going to do any good, I am with you. Even if it doesn't I will still be with you because seriously, all this pent-up energy and anger is bad for me.

And RWM just because I'm a girl, please don't hide behind me!

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  1. Ya, with the present Govt like this- who would want to invest in this country? Policies are not stable and scares the crap out of everyone. Even Malaysians are not investing in this country!!

    OK, won't hide behind you. Will just stand behind you.