I'm convinced in the need for a new government ASAP

Yesterday I managed to pull my dad to a talk by the Pakatan Rakyat led state, Selangor in Ulu Klang. Despite short notice, the field was packed to the brim at about 9.30 pm.

Of course the main star of the event was de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. Here's an interesting fact divulged by the new state government; the so called subsidies which the goverment claim they can't handle anymore amounts to about RM15 billion. Fair enough, but do you know that only RM2 billion is actually subsidised to the Rakyat?

Apparently about 6 billion goes to Independant Power Producers which are actually held by large multi-million dollar corporations such as Genting Sanyen and YTL corp. Also, another 5 billion goes to other similar large privatized companies who are rolling in money. Only about 2 billion reach the rakyat...

This has convinced me, any change is definitely better than the current polpots who are in power now. My parents did not raise me up to be a boot licker, so FUCK you BN I will not join MCA just to fill my pockets at the expense of everyone else.

And to anyone who is in BN thinking that they can do good and serve the people, there are only 2 scenarios:

1)they're fucking liars

2)they're brainwashed into thinking the goverment is good, in this case refer to the North Koreans and how they believe Kim Jong Il is God.

I really doubt ANYONE can do a worse job then the current goverment so screw inexperience, screw the "it's immoral to cross over" crap! I want a change, and I want it before we end up being a bankrupt third-world has-been country.

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  1. Our country is bleeding by the day and the citizens' are bleeding with it. Barisan Nasional is screwing up this country but they are still self proclaimed and self righteous. I hereby call upon them not to 'cabar' the rakyat to breaking point ya.